This is my Death Note (With one more Incision!)

These might be letting you know how I feel at the time.

Chapter 1

One more slice

With this blade
Oh so thin
I make my sin

One more slice
I hope to get in
With one more thought
I shouldn't have to deal with this
Why is it me

When i think
I have nothing
I dont have nothing
I have my love
But why do i have to deal with everything else

When did I have a child hood
When does it ever stop
I want the screaming of people to stop
I cover my ears oh so tight to block it out
But i dont cover my eyes

My eyes have all the pain
Look into my eyes and ull see
That im not a girl who just has a name

Ive been kicked around and shoved
Yelled at and cussed

Sitting in the dark
Feeling the blood drip and spill out
Crying, weaping, asking
Does anyone feel my pain

With the lies the beating the yelling
I sit alone
I sit alone with one slice
To bleed out the pain

I sit and think of my love
I love you so much
Will you help me

Please love will you help me
I need someone who will hold me
Tell me everythings okay!

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