A Killer can be a Hero (A Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kreuger, Joker, and Jigsaw story)

A Killer can be a Hero (A Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kreuger, Joker, and Jigsaw story)

The famous legend killers have now formed an alliance, and when they do, they explain what happened to them that made them who they are now. But, now, something even eviler has come. Laurie Strode, Michael's sister who was adopted by the Strode family when she was a child, is in danger of the nasty killer Jack, who killed a group of investigators on the boat called Ghost Ship. Now, it us up to Jason, Freddy, Jigsaw, the Joker from the Dark Knight, and Michael to keep Laurie safe.

Chapter 5

Jason: Will he come back?

by: Tipper
I'm sitting in the cabin. The cabin. The one next to lake that I drowned in. Drowned, yes, but I'm alive and powerful. I am Jason Voorhees, who wears a hockey mask and carries a machete. Can't get anymore badass, right?
Sure... okay. Whatever you say.
You see, the thing is, I loved my mother, and I was attached to her, and when she passed away, I lost it. I went camping at the cabin we stayed in with dad and her and I went to the lake to go swimming, and I drowned. It was deep, so it was hard for me to swim. I was scared to death. But, when I woke up, I was like, 21 years old. How shiit, I thought, this is crazy. I'm alive, but beat up and tired. How the hell did I survive that?
I sighed and pulled out a pencil and paper. Then, I began to write a letter to my dead mother.
Dear Mother,
It's been many years since you left the world by mistake of an accident that killed you. I miss you everyday, and this cabin reminds me of you so much. The pain shoots through me like my machete going through my own heart, but I can't cry anymore. I'm 21 years old, and I'm not supposed to cry. People say it's okay to, but I don't want to. It wouldn't make any sense to keep crying about your death. But, people are saying you gotta let it all out. I have, haven't I, Mother? People are saying I haven't because I haven't cried about it since I was a little boy. Am I doing something wrong?
Miss you, Mum.
With love always,
I finished the letter and stuck it in my jacket pocket. I didn't want to take my hockey mask off now, so I kept it on, and just stared at my half-eaten dinner of chicken and my machete lying on the table. Then, I heard footsteps enter the room. It was Jigsaw.
I didn't look at him, but I imagined him in a tuxedo suit with a red bow and his white face and big red eyes that never scared me. They had frightened Freddy once, but he's gotten used to it. Jigsaw said to me in a deep voice, "Jason, do you want anymore food while we still have home-cooked meals before we hit the road again?"
"No," I said, still not looking at him. "I'm no longer hungry."
"Very well then." He said. But then, he added, "Shiit..."
"What is it?"
"Freddy's truck is gone."
This time, I whipped around, stared at him and shouted, "What?!" He led me over to the window and on the driveway was only Jigsaw's black Ford van. No Freddy's Ford pick-up.
"Damn it!" I swore angrily, throwing over the table, my machete clattering and the glass plate breaking. Jigsaw said nothing.
"Damn him... where could he have gone?!" I yelled my thoughts aloud.
"Joker has gone with him," Jigsaw replied. "But, I don't think it was his idea to leave the cabin without saying anything."
"Shiit...." I hissed, and shook my head. "I wonder...." I suddenly thought.
Jigsaw waited for me to answer. "Yes?"
I glanced at him, and told him, "What if they went to find Michael?"
"Michael Myers?"
I nodded.
"It's possible," Jigsaw considered. "But, he's been gone for a while. Why would Michael leave on a day like this, though, Jason?"
I shrugged. "Dunno, but the last time I talked to him, he said that he might've had to leave because he he to go find her, he told me. Who's her, anyway?"
"Perhaps it might be Laurie."
"Laurie?" I thought. I didn't know a Laurie. Who was she?
"Laurie Myers, Michael's sister who was adopted by the Strode family."
I snapped my fingers. "That's right! But... how would he find her?"
"He's been following her for years," Jigsaw explained. "But, I suppose he hasn't killed her yet."
"Why would he? She's his sister."
"Well, he murdered Judith."
"But, maybe Laurie's different," I reminded him. "Maybe she's much nicer and not such a bitch who sleeps with a ton of guys."
Jigsaw sighed and shrugged. "We'll see, but if we're going to find the rest of them, we'd better get going."
"Sounds good to me," I said. I grabbed my machete as Jigsaw put the rest of the stuff in the trunk, and we got in and began driving away from the cabin. I left the letter in the house on purpose. Would my mother's spirit take it, and read it? Would we find Freddy and the Joker? Would we see Michael again, and possibly meet Laurie? Will he come back to us?

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