A Killer can be a Hero (A Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kreuger, Joker, and Jigsaw story)

A Killer can be a Hero (A Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kreuger, Joker, and Jigsaw story)

The famous legend killers have now formed an alliance, and when they do, they explain what happened to them that made them who they are now. But, now, something even eviler has come. Laurie Strode, Michael's sister who was adopted by the Strode family when she was a child, is in danger of the nasty killer Jack, who killed a group of investigators on the boat called Ghost Ship. Now, it us up to Jason, Freddy, Jigsaw, the Joker from the Dark Knight, and Michael to keep Laurie safe.

Chapter 3

Laurie: Hello, Brother

by: Tipper
That last story you heard about me.... that wasn't real. That was a dream. I did have a friend named Desne once, who was friends with Carrie, who reminded me of my cheerleader friend, Linda. The real me... is at a rehab place. A place where insane people go... only... I don't have it so bad. I just have to take these stupid pills and do these exercises and activities throughout the day. It's boring... and annoying. I sit here in my room, silenter than ever, and I always fake-eat my pills I have to take. They think I'm sick and need serious medical help. And, I have to go see a counselor once a day. I either hardly or don't say anything at all. What's there to tell? I grew up, hiding and running from my psychotic brother, who should be here instead of me. And he's my only visitor. Mentally, though. I haven't seen him since he made me go crazy. If I ever got my hands on that man, I'd strangle him, even if I couldn't kill him. I didn't want to. I wanted him to suffer the exact same way I did.
The nurses stopped by inside my room as I held my doll and my messy golden blond hair hung. I sat there, looking at my dresser.
"Hello, Laurie. How are you today, honey?" the black nurse asked me sweetly.
I said nothing.
The other nurse was new; I could tell, because she asked, "Does she talk?"
"She hasn't said a word in days," the black nurse said, getting the pills set up. "The only person she'll talk to is the counselor and her doll. But, sometimes, the doctor says he hears her sometimes talk to her brother in her nightmares."
"Her brother? But, in the Strode family... they didn't have a son...."
The black nurse frowned. "She was adopted by that family."
"Yes. They had to give her up, because they were afraid Michael Myers would kill her after he'd had killed Judith."
"Are you serious? That's awful. I'm so sorry, Laurie." She said to me.
I sighed.
"Laurie, you've got to take your pills now."
"I don't want them," I muttered.
"Well, you have to take them, or you won't get better."
"I'm not sick." I confirmed.
"Well, I know you think that, but you're here for a reason, and-"
"No, I'm not!" I suddenly shouted. "There's no reason for me to be here! It's my brother, damn it! My brother... my freakin' brother.... is supposed to be here. But, he isn't, isn't he? No. Because you people are too STUPID to even think that my brother is the psychotic one in my family, is that right?!"
The black nurse swallowed, but said, "Laurie, please don't get upset. We don't want you to be more hurt than you already are."
"Huh, easy for you to say," I grumbled.
The other nurse gave me a dirty look.
"Laurie... please take the pills. Please."
I looked at both the nurses with cold faces, then finally exhaled. Then, I took the pills and shoved them in my mouth.
"Okay..." the black nurse nodded, and began to leave. The new nurse looked at me one more time, and then turned and left.
As soon as I confirmed they had finally left, I spat the pills out and opened the back of my doll and hid them in there. Then, I set her down on my bed and went over to the window. I put my head against it. It was cold. I sighed, my breath fogging the window. I had to get outta here...somehow.
But then, I saw something move outside. And then a shadow came. And then, standing across the way of the yard, on the sidewalk... was Michael.
My eyes got big, but I didn't yell or scream. I just looked at him, surprised to see him, and then, he was gone. I raced over to the door, opened it slowly, and closed it quietly. When I did, I headed for the top floor, and then to the roof. I knew where I was going. I've been here long enough to know the place.
When I slammed the door open to the roof, the night air felt good. I looked around, but no one was there. But, he'd be here. Any moment now... he'd be here.
Then, I heard something. I heard deep breathing behind me. It wasn't close, but it was on the same floor as I was. And as I turned around, my brother was standing on the roof, 30 feet away from me.
I half smirked, but was a little angry for seeing him. "Hello, Michael."
As usual, he said nothing. He didn't have a knife in hand. It was relieving he didn't, but I didn't trust him. His black eyes looked through the eyes of his mask, and just watched me. I wonder what he had on his mind at this moment.
I shivered as the wind blew, and wrapped my robe around me tighter. And then, I dared to look at him. He had stayed where he was, still watching me. I took a deep breath.
"I knew you'd be here..." I told him. "But, why now? Why on my birthday?"
He said nothing.
I scoffed. "If you're here to wish me a chase-and-try-to-kill-your-sister happy birthday, then leave. I'm done hiding, and I'm done running. If you want, go ahead and kill me. I'm in misery, and it's your fault. But, you know what? I'm not gonna even try to kill you. I'll just let you murder me like you did with everybody else."
Again, he said nothing, but this time, he looked down at his feet, breathing. He didn't look up.
I suddenly felt pity for him, but I didn't yet dare to go near any further toward him. I sighed. "Michael, I don't know why you're here, but you should just leave. There's nothing here for you...unless you want to murder every last patient, doctor, and nurse in this hell place. Including me. So, why aren't you doing it?"
Suddenly, he finally looked up. His eyes bored into mine. He started walking towards me. I started backing up a little, but then faster as he came closer with a knife suddenly in his hand. I almost panicked, and I backed into a pole on the edge of the roof. My teeth clenched as he came in front of me, and then, he had the knife on my jaw line near my neck.
And then, surprisingly, and shockingly, he spoke. "Because I don't want to." He said.
He lowered the knife and backed up a couple of steps. I gaped at him, not knowing what to reply. He left me dumbfounded, confused, and looking stupid. But, then I got the courage to speak again. "But, why?"
He didn't say anything.
I scoffed again. "What is with this? First you don't say anything and then you actually say something, and then say nothing, and then-"
He put the knife back on my neck. "Shh!" his finger pressed my lips. I shut up, nervous and shaky.
I looked back and forth from his eyes and to his hand with the knife on my neck. "I don't care if you kill me now. I don't give a shiit anymore."
He suddenly made a growling mad sound, kind of like when he used to struggle by choking somebody. "I'm not here to kill anyone, and I'm not here to kill you, okay? So, shh."
He lowered the knife again. "But, why, Michael? Why?"
He sighed. "I told you. Because I don't want to."
"Is there a reason?"
"How come?"
Nothing. Until, he said, "You ask too many questions."
I frowned.
He said nothing.
I ran my hands through my hair and paced around the roof. "Okay, Laurie, this is crazy. You're talking to your psychotic brother who's supposed to be trying to kill me and everyone here, but instead, you're talking to him." I looked helplessly at him. "Why am I doing this? Why is this happening?"
He sighed again. "Laurie..."
I looked at him when he said my name. He said my name so strangely... yet... calmly.
"Y-yes?" I stuttered.
He hesitated, before he asked, "Do you really wanna know why I'm here?"
I hesitated this time, looking nervously at his butcher knife he held. He saw me, and then looked back at me and said, "I'm not gonna hurt or kill you."
I nodded.
"I'm here because..." he stepped close to me, and I got scared, but with his free hand, he put that hand on my cheek. "Because I came here to get you outta this hell place."
I shook my head. "Ridiculous. Why would you come and get me if you've been trying to kill me?"
"Because I've learned better over the years," he replied quickly. "You've taught me... somehow... because you're my sister, and I've always loved you."
I looked at him, blinking. "What?"
"Laurie, I've loved you since you were a little baby. It was Judith I didn't love. She was an evil witch."
"But, why did you try to kill me?" I said, tears in my eyes.
One escaped, and Michael wiped it off with his hand. "Because I didn't want you to become something like me."
We were quiet for a long time, and I stared at him, shocked out of my mind, and I began to cry. He tried clearing my tears, and then half hugged me. Then, he let go of me and went to the rope hanging on the side of the building. He started to climb over to get down, but then looked at me and asked, "Are you coming?"
I looked back at the door to the building, and then at my brother. Could I trust him, or was this a game he was playing? I sighed, and decided the hell with it. I'd just go. So, I went over to him and climbed down.

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