A Killer can be a Hero (A Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kreuger, Joker, and Jigsaw story)

A Killer can be a Hero (A Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kreuger, Joker, and Jigsaw story)

The famous legend killers have now formed an alliance, and when they do, they explain what happened to them that made them who they are now. But, now, something even eviler has come. Laurie Strode, Michael's sister who was adopted by the Strode family when she was a child, is in danger of the nasty killer Jack, who killed a group of investigators on the boat called Ghost Ship. Now, it us up to Jason, Freddy, Jigsaw, the Joker from the Dark Knight, and Michael to keep Laurie safe.

Chapter 2

Laurie: Why Michael is the Way He is

by: Tipper
My name is Laurie Strode Myers, and I was adopted when I had no idea... until I watched my friends, family, and other people die. I remembered when I was 17 and my cursed brother killed Annie and Linda and Bob. I could never forgive him for that, but I had to move on with life. But, still, I knew there was something better than the evil in Michael. His cursed self wasn't the real him. The real Michael was better, friendlier, and had a true, red heart, not an ice cold black heart. The only thing I couldn't change about him was his cold, black eyes. I couldn't do anything about that, but I could change him, and I did mostly.
You see, I believe Michael has a softer part of him. A more... loving, kind, and gentle personality. If he knew what he'd done, he'd never forgive himself, and he wouldn't have wanted this. I knew that if he knew what he did, he would've never wanted that to happen. Michael wouldn't kill anybody in a brutal, unreasonable way. The Michael I knew was different... and much better.
I'm out with my friend Desne, a girl who I met at a party last Friday, and now it's Monday, and we're on our lunch break from work. Thank God... I couldn't get anything done. I was too busy thinking about the past, the nightmares, and my brother.
"I heard your brother was a psycho," Carrie, a friend of Desne, said to me as we walked to Panera Bread. "I heard he killed a bunch of people that got in his way to get to you."
I didn't say anything; I felt embarrassed, but Desne snapped at her.
"Carrie! Shut up! You know how much that bothers Laurie, you idiot!"
I tried not to snicker.
"Sorreee," Carrie snapped back, sighing. "I'm just saying that I've heard a lot about him, and when Desne mentioned your name, I couldn't help but notice."
Desne rolled her eyes.
I tried to put on my best act. "I know he is, but... he's not himself. He was..." I swallowed.
Carrie raised her eyebrows. "What? He was what? Tell me!"
"Carrie, would you back off?! Just shut the hell up!" Desne growled.
"He was cursed," I finally managed. Desne and Carrie stopped arguing.
"What? Cursed? What do you mean 'cursed'?"
"Something evil took over him..." I said, feeling tears in my eyes. "...and he just... became what he is: a monster."
"My God, I am so sorry, Laurie," Carrie apologized.
I shrugged.
"All right, let's give Laurie a break here and change the damn subject," Desne said, frustrated.
I sighed, and began walking ahead of them. I didn't want to talk about this anymore. Bringing up my brother about being a psycho was worse than saying your friends hated you.

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