A Killer can be a Hero (A Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kreuger, Joker, and Jigsaw story)

A Killer can be a Hero (A Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kreuger, Joker, and Jigsaw story)

The famous legend killers have now formed an alliance, and when they do, they explain what happened to them that made them who they are now. But, now, something even eviler has come. Laurie Strode, Michael's sister who was adopted by the Strode family when she was a child, is in danger of the nasty killer Jack, who killed a group of investigators on the boat called Ghost Ship. Now, it us up to Jason, Freddy, Jigsaw, the Joker from the Dark Knight, and Michael to keep Laurie safe.

Chapter 1

Michael's story: What really happened on Halloween night when he was a child...

by: Tipper
It was Halloween night, 1962. Michael Myers, a little boy living in Haddonfield, Illinois, couldn't wait to get his hands on his costume and beg his mother to put it on for him. He was four years old. His blond hair was trimmed a couple of weeks ago, and was straight and shiny in the light. His dark eyes didn't usually impress people, but he had a smile that made everyone else smile. This year, he was going to dress as a clown. His mother had helped him pick the costume as Hollow's Way, the newest Halloween store downtown.
He was eating a chocolate bar he had stolen from the candy bowl downstairs in the kitchen without his mother looking. His father was downstairs, reading the latest in the daily newspaper. His mother was cooking dinner, and his older sister Judith in the bathroom upstairs, doing her hair and makeup. She was going to dress as a witch. He wasn't sure he liked Judith, but he respected her. The thing he hated about her was that she wasn't very nice, she did drugs, had a sloppy boyfriend, and treated Michael like vermin. He didn't like that, but he'd never been mean to her. Occasionally, he'll be a mischievous brother, like taking her hairbrush or a doll, but he was just trying to get attention. Judith never interacted with him, and felt sad about that. All his other friends at school played with their siblings, so he wondered: Why won't Judith play with me?
Then came his other sister. Yes, he had another sister. Her name was Laurie. Laurie Myers. She was only a year old, and she would be dressing as a little angel. She was downstairs probably, Michael thought, in her highchair, wearing a halo and a white dress with wings. She was probably eating that mush she always ate. Laurie was a sweet girl, but she was so little, and couldn't really do much, but she loved Michael. She loved it when he colored with her, played hide and seek, and when he played the piano. He had been taking lessons since he was 3. Laurie was special to him. She wasn't like Judith. She always smiled around Michael, and she always called him, "Boo." He had called her that, so she had started calling him that. He always smirked and shook his head when she said that. He thought it was silly, but nice.
He passed the locked door of the bathroom Judith was in and went downstairs to find his mother in the kitchen. A pumpkin lay on the table, and there was Laurie, sitting in her highchair. She turned her head and saw her brother. She smiled, pointed with her little finger, and said, "Boo!"
Michael shook his head, smiled, squeezed her hand gently, and went over to the pumpkin. He looked at his mother and asked, "Mommy?"
"Yes? What is it, Michael, dear?" she asked, not looking up as she cooked dinner.
"When I get home from trick-or-treating, can I help you make the jack-o-lantern?" he asked.
"Oh, Michael, I don't know. What if you hurt yourself with that butcher knife? It's awfully sharp."
"I can do it, Mommy. I'm brave. I won't get hurt." he persuaded with begging eyes.
His father entered the room. "Julia, just let the boy help. He's getting big. Learning how to do things on his own will help him in the future." He grinned at his wife.
Julia sighed, smiled at Michael, and said, "Okay. But, not too long, because it'll probably be past your bedtime."
Michael smiled.
"C'mon, Michael, let's go get your costume," Julia said. "Frank, will you take over?"
Michael ran quickly upstairs and when his mother came into his room, she put the costume on him and handed him his mask and candy bucket. She smiled at him and said, "You have fun with Mrs. Shernswood and Lilia tonight, okay? And be safe."
"I promise." He swore.
She smiled, and kissed him on the cheek.
He smiled, and then she left.
As he started to head back downstairs, Judith opened the door of her room, wearing caked-on black makeup and half of her costume. She dyed part of her brown hair was black spray. She looked down at him and grimaced.
"Ugh, what the fvuck did you get from Hollow's Way?" she sneered.
Michael felt offended, but acted serious. "I told mommy I wanted to be a clown this year."
"Ugh, it's hideous, Michael. Lilia will never be your girlfriend when you get older if she remembers you wearing something as stupid as that."
"But, mommy said I could wear it." Michael protested, trying to defend himself.
"/Mommy/ said this and mommy said that." she mimicked. Then, she pushed him by ruffling his hair roughly and scoffed. "You're such a baby, Michael. Just like Laurie." She walked back into her room and slammed the door.
Michael almost began to cry, but held back the tears, and headed downstairs.

Michael got tons of candy, and had a great time playing with Lilia during the trick-or-treating. When he got home, his father working on his work stuff while Laurie played in her downstairs crib in the living room. His mother had gotten the jack-o-lantern ready, and once he got his mask off, he helped her. Then, she made pumpkin seeds. Michael had some before he went to bed. Judith still wasn't home when he went to bed, but he cuddled into bed, still wearing his costume, and fell asleep.
But, the worst of his nightmares came to his room that night.
An evil spirit came into the room, and cursed Michael. And when Michael would wake, he would turn to be a different person. A black-eyed monster.
And that's why, after the evil possessed him into killing his first victim in 1963, which was Judith, the family had to give up Laurie to the strode family.

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