I should've kissed you (Harry styles love story

Kaylas P.O.V
I screamed as loud as i could when they were singing! My voice started to ache after a few hours so i stopped. I cried when i saw them, i love them so much. It was FREAKING ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!
I sung along to all of their song throughout the whole concert! My voice is definately gonna go in the morning! But i dont care, Im doing it for my boys;Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn.

Chapter 3

Work then Fun

I woke up the next morning and I got myself ready for work. The earlier part of the day was super slow and boring. I was wishing that something would happen to brighten my day.

1 New Message from Harry

Hey love want to do something later? xx

Sure :) I get off work in 3 hours xx

Ok I will pick you up just give me the address X

I sent him the address and the day seemed to go much faster. Soon enough it was 3:00. I got my stuff together and walked out. There leaning against a black Range Rover was Harry. He looked really good in his white v-neck, black jeans and a grey beanie.
"Hi," I said.
"Hey," he replied and opened up the door for me. I slid in and he hopped in his side. We talked about random things and I found making conversation with him was really easy. We arrived at his and Louis' flat in no time. I was still a little shocked that I was going back to Harry Styles' flat for the second time! Girls would kill to be in my position.
I got out of the car and walked beside him. He slid his hand into mine and we walked side by side.
"Louis! I'm home!" Harry called as we walked in. I laughed at their bromance.
"HARRY!" Louis called and came running from a room. He tackled Harry knocking him over, but I was quick enough to let go of Harry's hand before I fell too.
"Oi! Lou I have only been gone for twenty minutes," Harry grumbled.
"But I missed you!" Louis whined.
"I missed you too!" Harry said and Louis perked up. They got up off the floor and Harry led me into the living room.
"What are we doing?" I ask Harry.
"I think we are going to the fair with the other boys we just have to wait-" he got cut off by the knocking off the door. 3 boys tumbled in completing the band.
"Hi Kayla!" they said obviously remembering me form the concert.
"Hey," I said shyly.
"Well let's go to the fair!" Louis said. We walked out and Niall started asking about food. I guess Niall is always hungry. The ride was short and crazy since we all crowded into Harry's range rover. I ended up sitting on Liam's lap which Harry wasn't very happy about.
When we got there Harry jumped out of the car and helped me out. He grabbed my hand and seemed like he wasn't going to let go anytime soon. This was going to be fun.

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