I should've kissed you (Harry styles love story

Kaylas P.O.V
I screamed as loud as i could when they were singing! My voice started to ache after a few hours so i stopped. I cried when i saw them, i love them so much. It was FREAKING ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!
I sung along to all of their song throughout the whole concert! My voice is definately gonna go in the morning! But i dont care, Im doing it for my boys;Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn.

Chapter 2

The start of something new

by: 1D4Life
I woke up the next day with the thought of her still in my head. I dragged myself out of bed and washed up splashing cold water on my face.
"HARRY!" Louis screamed while he banged on my door.
"Just a second!" I walked out of my bathroom and opened up the door. Louis stood there in one of his suspenders outfits with his hair feathered.
"What do you want?" I asked him.
"Wanna grab something to eat? We were just about to head out." He said.
"Maybe next time, I have some things to do." I said. He nodded and waved me a goodbye.
"I'll be back later. Dinner?" He asked. I nodded and he walked down the hall, i stood there in my doorway until I heard him shut the front door. I turned back into my room and checked my phone. Nothing. I wanted to talk to Kayla. I wanted to see her again, as quickly as possible. I grabbed my phone and sent her a message, it was the only way I'd see her.

Kayla's P.O.V

I was out to breakfast with some friends of mine having a good time. We were laughing and talking about all sorts of things, then the concert came up.
"So Kayla, how was the One Direction concert?" Lacey asked. I never told anybody about my encounter with the band. Lacey was a big fan of them and would kill me if I didn't invite her to come with me, I had backstage passes too.
"It was fun. They looked so hot and they sounded amazing."
"I wish I went. If i got to meet them....." She started to say. I just watched as she daydreamed about them.
"Yeah, meeting them would've been cool. Maybe next time." I said.
"I'll be with you the next time you see them again right?" She asked.
"Uh sure." I said. I excused myself to go to the bathroom when my phone buzzed. It was from Harry.

Hey beautiful, wanna hang? Was what it said. I looked around the bathroom then once in the mirror before replying back to him.

Sure. Where? I said. He responded back almost instantly telling me at his place. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan. But when one of your fave singers asks you to hang at their place you kind of don't know what to do. In this case this was actually happening and I couldn't believe it. I don't know if paparazzi is going to follow me or something along those lines. He texted me his address and i told him I'd be there. I left the bathroom and headed back over to my table.

"Sorry guys I have to go." I said collecting my things.
"What? Why?" Kimmy asked.
"Something at work. We'll do this again soon, bye!" I said walking out. I drove over to Harry's place and took a deep breath before knocking on the door. I stood there for about a second before the door was flung opened and I could see Harry, looking as hot as ever.
"Hey there." He said. I was hypnotized by his presence I almost didn't respond.
"Hey." I finally said.
"Come in." I walked in and he closed the door behind me. I looked around his flat to find it a little messy. Scratch that, VERY messy. I guess all the stories about Louis and him being messy were indeed true.
"I think you guys need a maid or something." I said looking at him from over my shoulder. He walked over and stood next to me. He was so tall compared to me I had to look up pretty high. He was 5"10 I'm only 5"3.
"Eh, it's a man's place." We both laughed a little at that.
"So what made you want to text me?" I asked. He looked down at me with those gorgeous green/blue eyes. It made me go weak all over.
"I wanted to see you again."
"I must be something special considering Harry Styles wanted to see me again." I giggled.
"That's for sure. It takes a lot for me to pull aside a fan." He said. We walked over and sat on the couch and just talked for hours. I know that because Louis came in and when i looked at the clock it was already 4 o'clock.
"Hey Harr--" He stopped once he saw me.
"This must be..."
"Kayla." Harry said cutting him off.
"Kayla, right. Is this the same girl that--"
"Yes Lou, it is." Harry said. Louis just nodded still pointing a finger at me from his waist.
"I see. Well then, I'll just leave you two alone." He said walking off down the hall.
"Actually, I have to get going. It's getting late and I have work tomorrow." I said to Harry picking up my things. I walked over to the door and he was right behind me.
"Wait." He said. I turned around to face him and his lips crashed onto mine. We held for a little bit before he pulled away leaving me wanting more.
"Let's do this again." He said. I nodded biting my lower lip, clutching onto my coat.
"Tomorrow?" He asked. I nodded and kissed his cheek.
"Tomorrow." I said walking out.

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