5 stories of diffrent guyz

something like tht

Chapter 1


Personality: Funny and sweet.
Hidden Talent: He is musical! He can sing beautifully, play piano, play guitar and compose!
Fave color: Green
Age: 16
Birthday: November 7th
Eye color: Various Shades of Blue
What he loves about you: Trent loves your sense of humor and he thinks you are super sweet. He sees you as his muse, his inspiration, and loves being with you.
Summary of how you met & fell in love: Before school one day you are roaming the hallways looking for a friend to hang out with, but you couldn't find anyone. As you traveled down a lone hallway you heard the glorious sound of a single piano. You moved towards the sound and placed your ear against the door. The song went from soft and simple to loud and complex and you fell in love with it. Abruptly the song ended and so you pressed against the door harder trying to figure out what was going on. The door flung open and you toppled over onto the piano player. Embarrassed you pushed away and bumped into the wall. As you rubbed your head and apologized your face grew red. Trent Colemen--the piano player--laughed softly and stood up. He reached out and pulled you up from the ground. "You ok?" He asked and you said you were. You apologized once again and Trent chuckled. He told you it was fine, but he had to get going since class was about to begin. Before you both departed your eyes met and then he left. Quickly before you left for class you wandered over to the piano and noticed some sheet music: Where Is My Love? By Trent Colemen. He had composed the song and written the most poetic lyrics. Happily you sang the song in your head and then left for class. When lunch arrived you were sitting at your regular lunch table when Trent appeared. He asked to sit next to you and you said yes. For a while you, Trent and your friends talked, but your friends realized you were slightly flirting with Trent and so they said they had to go to the bathroom. The two of you now sat alone. Trent began to hum softly and so you brought up his song. You told him how amazing it was and how impressed you were. Trent became embarrassed and he brushed his bangs out of his blue eyes shyly. He admitted that recently he has had a problem with writing music and that nothing seemed right. Then the bell rang and you left. Next week you were once again roaming the hallways before school and purposely went towards the music room. Trent was playing a new song. Quickly you raced towards the door and listened. The song was a love song, but it abruptly stopped like the first song had. Trent opened the door and laughed like the first time. He brought you into the room and asked you to sit down on a chair next to the piano. "You are my muse." He nearly whispered as he pressed down on the keys of the piano. Trent began to play a song, it was a love song about you. Your face got red and the song was beautiful. His voice sounded like an angel's and when it finished you couldn't stop smiling. Trent smiled and told you he really liked you and gently he kissed you. After that you began to date and he composed so many songs about his love towards you.

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