Unbreakable: A Loki Love Story

The battle over mankind is at hand. The Avengers are in battle with the Skrulls and the Chitauri ruled by Loki. There is a catch though. Can one girl change the fate of the Avengers and humanity?

Chapter 6

Figured Out

Several hours and bumps later, we had finally made it to dusty New York. People bustled in and out of shops, immersing themselves into their anonymous chatter with other people. They had no idea that in several minutes, their world would be destroyed. They were too busy to notice the opening portal on the Stark Industry Building, or the Chitauri pouring from it. Seconds later, a building fell. People screamed and ran around in fear, having no clue where to run too. Answering this call, came the Avengers. Brave, strong, and courageous they were. They didn't fear death, or danger. They wanted their world to be safe. I was watching outside the window of the helicopter, gasping as tears appeared in my eyes. I knew it, Loki lied again. I bit my lip, my eyebrows narrowing. That was it. I found my dagger and grabbed a parachute bag. I placed it on my back, and opened the door to jump out. I was greeted by a strong breeze that almost knocked me over. Loki was in the back, gathering his things. When he heard the wind, he turned and gasped.
"Rachel!" He called, walking over. I held up my hands, rocking gently on the edges of my heels. I would fall if he came any closer, in which he didn't.

"Don't you dare come over here," I said, strongly. "I can't believe I trusted you, and you lied again!" I placed my hand on the string that would release the parachute, sighing deeply as I stared at his face. He was hurt, again. His eyes were reflecting the light that came through, making his tears appear more.

"Please, don't leave me," he said, almost in a whisper. "I'll die without you." He looked at me, dead on in the face. "Don't leave me," he said, gaining more strength. I narrowed my dark brows again, hiding the hurt inside of me.

"Oh, believe me," I hissed. "I'll let you die. I'm out." I backed up, purposely tipping myself over. "Have fun with your little army." Then, I let myself fall. The wind blew my hair back as I pulled on the string. Nothing popped out. I gasped, pulling harder, only to discover nothing. I watched the ground get closer, and closer, and then I hit it. The ground was relatively hard, but not that hard. It had a fleshy feel to it. The wind was knocked out at me anyway, and my eyes closed. The last thing I heard, the last thing I saw, was Loki's hurt face as he begged for me not to leave. Then, in my memories, I saw his eyes go red as he let out an insane laugh.


I opened my eyes, remembering the memories I had shared. It was terrible, and I wished that I just would trade them back. I looked back at Loki, whom was staring at me, darkly. I wished he was that man I used to know, but he had traded his soul to the darkness. I clenched my dagger, holding it towards him.

"Loki," I stated. "I am here to kill you." Loki let out a small laugh, pointing his weapon back at me.

"Try," he said, grinning. "And let's just see what happens!" He jabbed at me, in which I quickly dodged. The blade sent out a flash of blue light, which promptly nipped my back. It felt burned. I shook my head, knowing this wouldn't be easy. Quickly, I elbowed Loki in the stomach, which made him double over, as I aimed to smack the weapon out of his hand. Unfortunately, his grip was tight as he refused to let it go. He grabbed onto my leg, pulling it down. I gasped as my back hit the ground. My dagger bounced from my hand, landing a foot from me. I reached out to grab it. Unfortunately, I wish my arms were longer as Loki swatted it away. He climbed on top of me, placing his knees around my legs and his hands pressed on my arms. I couldn't swing at him, so I began to struggle. He just pushed harder as I gave up. I stared up at the sky, panting gently.

"What was that about killing me?" asked Loki, smirking as he leaned his head down. We were nearly nose to nose as he gave me a seductive growl. "I think it might have been about me killing you." Clenching my teeth, I head butted him. It hurt, like hell. Loki gave a cry, flying backwards as he grabbed at his nose. I stood up, grabbing my dagger then held it against Loki's neck. I was amazed he fell for that.

"Your sick fantasy won't become real Loki," I smirked, watching Natalia grab Loki's weapon and run upstairs with it. "In a matter of seconds, the portal will be closed." Loki began to shiver; I felt it beneath the blade. I slowly let the blade cut his skin, only just a little bit. Loki bit his lip, trying not to groan with pain. "Oh Loki," I said, walking away from him. "The Avengers have won. What will you do after this?" I turned to him, giving him a questioning glance. Loki had stood up, and was now face-to-face with me. I gulped, but still stood strong.

"I..." began Loki, but then looked down, sighing deeply. "I don't know, Rachel." He gently rubbed his forehead, and then watched the portal. "I'll be killed."

"You know," I started, but was interrupted by the heavy winds as Iron Man passed by into the portal. I could careless, honestly. I looked back down at Loki. "I really don't want to kill you." Loki gave me this odd look, gently wiping the blood from his neck.

"Then, why did you harm me?" Loki asked, glaring deeply at me.

"Revenge for Phil," I replied without hesitation. Loki began to smile, a half-smile in fact. He reached up and caressed my cheek for a second. I let him, still with a serious face.

"You and the Agent are not alike," Loki began, dropping his hand down. "You are far too beautiful to be related to him." I clenched my fist around my dagger, pressing it against his stomach.

"So, you are going to kill all the ugly, well in your words, people in the world?" I asked, confused slightly.

"No. All of those who appose to me and don't obey my orders," Loki said, turning away as he placed his hands behind his back. "I am now your king…and I order you to become my wife." He turned to me, smirking brightly with cleverness. I watched the portal as it closed, Iron Man falling out with it.

"..I'm sorry, but I think the world opposes that you are definitely not king. The portal has been destroyed and earth is safe," I smiled back, proud at my theory. Loki looked up, stressfully. I leaned myself into him, returning all of those seductive grins that he had given me. "Oh, and here," I began, driving my dagger into his side. He gave a cry, grabbing at it and throwing it out of him. Crimson began to leak from his body as tears formed in my eyes. I didn't want to hurt him, but he did deserve it. "That's another revengeful event for my ugly cousin." I leaned down; kissing him on the cheek, then began to walk away. Unfortunately for my case, Loki had a hold of my ankle again. I fell to the ground, gasping and reaching for any support. Loki pulled me into his arms, chuckling darkly.

"And you thought you'd get out of that easily?" he asked, pressing his lips against my ear as he whispered, "I want you, and I get want I want." His voice was seductive and sexy, making me shudder in protest. I had no idea what to do. My thoughts just wandered back to Rogers, Stark and everyone else. Where were they? Wouldn't they come back and save me? Apparently not, stupid bastards. I had no choice, but to give into Loki. I began to kiss him, not like any way I had ever done before. It was much deeper, if I must say. Loki wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me tightly into him. My hands traveled around his back, gently slipping off his helmet. It clanked against the ground, quietly as I set it down. My hands got lost into his soft hair as my fingers twisted themselves into the strands. It could never feel so perfect, and it never felt so right. I felt loved and protected. I never wanted to leave him. I always wanted to be by his side and protect him from anything. He had changed my mind, which I didn't mind so much. I was in love, and my lover was the sexiest guy alive.

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