Unbreakable: A Loki Love Story

The battle over mankind is at hand. The Avengers are in battle with the Skrulls and the Chitauri ruled by Loki. There is a catch though. Can one girl change the fate of the Avengers and humanity?

Chapter 3

At Midnight

"Rachel, just a quick question, why are you blushing?" Stark asked, pointing at my cheeks. I let out a small sigh from between my teeth as he asked this. I knew I'd be asked this, and I could never lie to them. Banner gave me an expectant look, smiling gently like he could aid me to answer this question. I really din'tt want to answer, so I pretended like I didn't hear Stark. I tried my best to hide the redness of my cheeks, but I still kept thinking about Loki. Again, Stark asked, annoyed:
"Don't ignore me, that's rather rude. Why are you blushing? Simple question." I bit my lip, closing my eyes. There was no way out of this one, unless I lied. I turned to face Stark. His eyebrow was raised, with his innocent look on. I couldn't.

"I just saw something that I didn't wish to see," I stated, nodding my head gently and smiling brightly. Stark raised his other eyebrow and nodded, still not looking like he believed me. He turned away, patting Banner on the back gently.

"Let's get going," he said. He turned to me quickly, smirking at me. "We are closing up the shop. It's almost time for dinner." I nodded, following them out. Banner locked the door, and left me in the hall. In a couple of hours, most of them would be asleep. That's when I would visit Loki again.


5 hours later

I couldn't sleep in my dark room. My pillow buried my head, making it impossible for me to get comfortable. I had tried to sleep just a bit longer, since everyone is required for sleep at 12 exactly. I turned to my clock, seeing that it was 11:55. I had five more minutes and then, I would go visit Loki. I smiled anxiety and anticipation burning in me. I couldn't wait any longer. I closed my eyes, thinking that it would help. My mind sunk away into the noise outside. People shuffled through the halls, greeting one another and having a quick conversation about something anonymous before they went to bed. Doors began to close, and I heard computers shut down. I opened my eyes, seeing that three minutes had passed. I blew a puff of air out and began to stand up from my stiff and cold bed. My hair had slightly been messed up from lying in the pillow all that time. I gave myself a look as I looked at myself in the mirror. I began to brush out my hair, staring at the wall so I could avoid eye contact with myself. I couldn't believe myself anymore. When I finished, the lights were turned off from the main room at exactly 12. I smiled to myself as I grabbed my shoes and slipped them on. Quickly, I scuttled outside of my room and shut the door quietly. Everything was dead silent as the grave. There were small lights embedded in the ceiling if someone needed to use the restroom, but that was it. I began my journey, walking through the hall and into the room I was before when I first met Loki. I slowly opened the door and shut it behind myself. I looked for any hidden cameras before I was fully inside, but there were none. That was strange. Fury would have added some in, unless he had gone mad. I made my way through the dark and winding staircase, until the glass cage came in view. My heart thumped as I got closer. A smile had crept onto my lips, which was unexpected. I could even feel a light blush began. There were small lights on the stairs as I arrived, heading to the control panel. I noticed that Loki was sitting in the middle of the room, with his eyes shut tight. Was he sleeping? I cleared my throat, expecting him to turn around. He didn't, he just stayed the same. I glanced back at the control panel, and shook my head. I wonder if I could open the door, go inside, and then close the door behind myself. I bet I could, so I dared myself. I pressed the release button, and carefully watched for any alarm that would be set off. There was nothing. I raised my eyebrow and stepped inside. The climate was moderately warm, with an occasional cool breeze of oxygen from the vents. I turned around, and reaching with my dagger, pressed the "close button." The door came to a shut, closing me inside with Loki. I watched him as he slept, possibly. I cleared my throat a bit louder, but then again, he did not awake. Tired of trying, I decided to speak and see if he would awake.

"Loki?" I asked, walking over to him. He still didn't move, and breathed gently. I bit my lip. "Loki?" I asked again, lightly tapping his shoulder. He gasped, standing up and flew towards the back of the room. He stared at me, and then sighed.

"You scared me," he said, shaking his head with relief as he smiled. "Came after hours I see. That's awfully smart." He pointed towards the cable where the cameras used to be. "They took down the cameras." I followed his point and nodded.

"Interesting. I wonder why," I said, shrugging as I felt my cheeks grow red when he stared at me. He seemed to notice, for he laughed gently.

"Good thing they did," Loki started, placing his hands behind his back innocently. "I need my…privacy." It rolled off of his tongue like a playful growl, which made my cheeks even blush more. I clutched onto my arm, looking down.

"Yeah. I suppose. One needs its own personal space," I murmured, biting my lip nervously as I noticed that he had begun to walk over in my direction. I saw his shadow stop, maybe a foot from me.

"You know, we never got to finish what we started a couple of hours ago," he whispered, taking another short step in my direction. He was in front of me now. He was too tall, and broad. I couldn't escape even if I wanted to, and I didn't want to escape. I wouldn't want to be anywhere but here. He had me up against the glass, smirking down at me lightly.

"I kind of forgot what we had started," I said, smiling weakly at him. "Could you remind me?" Loki grabbed onto my wrist gently, and pushed it against the glass with his own hand. He glanced once at it, then back at me.

"I think it was like that," Loki said, pushing into me gently. It made me highly uncomfortable, but I could manage it. The feel of him against me was incredible.

"Oh, was it now?" I asked, grinning lightly. "I remember now." I rose on my toes, so that I was taller than I was before. I kissed him, gently at first. It was amazing, the best feeling I had felt in a while. It was like I was flying. It was breathtaking. Loki had wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him. He still kept his hand on mine, always against the glass. Suddenly, I realized it was going too far. I was too young to be doing this, or even attempting it. "Wait, Loki," I whispered, pushing him away gently. "Not yet." He gave me a smirk, and walked away from me.

"Fine, fine. Sorry, I got carried away," Loki said, waving his hand at me. I smiled at him, following him without hesitation.

"Just, hold me," I said, holding open my arms and weakly giving him a smile. Loki gave me a weak smile back, and hugged me. He picked me up as he did so. He sat down in one of the corners of the cage, and placed me on his lap. I yawned quietly, gently laying my head onto his chest as he hugged me, protectively.

"No matter what you do, don't fall asleep," Loki whispered, stroking my hair back as I closed my eyes. "I don't want to see Fury kick you off of the ship."

"I don't think he would do that," I murmured, smiling gently. "I'm with you. You'll protect me, right?"

"Yes," Loki said, nodding. "Yes, of course."

"And promise me this," I said, picking my head up as I looked at him. "You won't hurt anyone. No one, especially Phil."

"I promise," Loki smiled. I grinned, happily sighing as I stood back up.

"I would stay longer, but you know...." I sighed, walking over to the door. Loki followed me there, laying a hand on the door.

"Do you promise me that you'll get me out?" Loki asked, turning to me. His eyes were innocent, like a child. I couldn't resist.

"I promise," I replied, pointing my dagger at the switch. The panel whirled as the door opened. I slipped outside then shut the door before Loki could exit. He gave me a look of pity and gently waved to me. I waved back, and slowly walked out of the room.

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