Unbreakable: A Loki Love Story

The battle over mankind is at hand. The Avengers are in battle with the Skrulls and the Chitauri ruled by Loki. There is a catch though. Can one girl change the fate of the Avengers and humanity?

Chapter 2


As of today, I found myself on the floating battleship along with my older cousin, Phil and my "baby-sitter," Nick Fury. Fury was a decent man, determined, but decent. He was always there to take care of me when Phil wasn't present. Fury would always have me do boring tasks, like play on this table of his. I would often pull of maps of the world and zoom in onto the lands. I would do that for hours to entertain myself, or just go talk to the workers. Unfortunately, Fury told me I shouldn't be interfering with their jobs.
Back to today, when it was about 12 o'clock in the afternoon. I was sitting on a table inside of the laboratory. I watched Stark and Banner spin on their toes, telling jokes to each other as they began to track the Tesseract. It was funny, seeing the gentle Banner occasionally tell a joke back at Stark. I had never seen him that way before.

"Did you see Rogers?" Stark chuckled as he tapped random information into his computer. "He was so pissed off when I told him off." Banner nodded, gently sending a smile of kindness.

"It was awfully funny," Banner commented.

"I just hate how he thinks he is the leader," Stark frowned, crossing his arms. "Don't you, Rachel?" I gave a quick nod, it was true. I did.

"Well, he did start this thing...Avengers," Banner spoke up, looking out the window as he spaced out. Stark followed his gaze, and raised an eyebrow, which made me look. A mob of guards walked down the hall, guarding something as they went by. "Oh my…" Banner mumbled, looking down quickly. I kept watching with Stark. There was a man, waling in the very center. He must have been the prisoner that Phil had told me about. He was tall, with dark hair, and icy pale skin that made him seem like a vampire. He turned his head towards us. I gasped as his cold, bright blue eyes stared at us. He began to grin, unnaturally never loosing eye contact until he disappeared around the corner.

"Alright then," Stark said, shrugging. "That was odd."
"No," Banner murmured. "His name, I believe, is Loki." Now I remembered. Thor had told us about him, saying that he was his adopted brother. I wouldn't have doubted that. They were totally different. Thor had light, fair hair and just looked pure in everything he did. This Loki looked dark, evil if you may. I jumped off the counter, and gave Stark and Banner a good-bye.

"Wait, are you going to go visit Phil?" asked Stark, quickly catching my arm.

"Um…sure," I replied as Stark placed a card in my hand. I turned it over, seeing it was a Captain America trading card. I raised an eyebrow, questioningly at Stark.

"He lost it," Stark stated, turning away. I walked out, feeling odder than ever. I would have headed towards the main control room, but there was something about Loki that bit at me. I turned my head, and headed down the way the guards had gone. I wanted to figure out what it was about him that made me curious about him. I was determined. When I reached the prison area, I came to a halt. I heard Fury's voice talking, which brought great pain to me. I hid in one of the dark corners and pulled myself into a ball to hide myself from anyone. Finally, the conversation stopped and Fury left the room. I felt myself grin with anticipation as I slowly stood up. Loki stood in the middle of a glass cage, murmuring things I couldn't hear. He kept shaking his head, staring at the video camera. I would have to be quiet and quick in order to do this. I picked up my dagger, the one with the encrusted jewels, and pointed it at the camera. Slowly, the electricity failed inside of it, and it burned a circuit. I did that to several others, proud that I had this weapon. You see, it was a dagger which could take life or give life. I don't see how it could take life from a camera, but it worked. I would have ten minutes, probably if someone noticed the camera's not working. Fury was quick with repairing and would have men down here shortly. I slowly took a step, my shoes clanking on the hard metal. I raised my eyebrows, shaking my head. I took another step, and bit my lip. I looked up, to find that he had turned his back to me. I walked quicker, heading to the place Fury was once standing. There was a small control panel in front of me. I stared at the buttons for a long time, and then looked up. I nearly jumped as I noticed that Loki was staring at me. Before I could make a sound or a breath, I stared back at him. His eyes weren't so much evil and dark now. They were oddly sad, looking hurt. He turned his head away from me, letting a deep sigh out.

"What do you want?" he asked, impatiently as he shook his head. I tilted my head, occasionally glancing at the "release button."

"I want a lot of things," I replied, looking back at him with my suspicious glance. "I want you out of here, I know that." Loki immediately stood up, turning towards me with a huge grin. He pointed to the control panel, gleefully.

"It's right there! Go ahead, press the button," he said, staring at the panel, then at me. I shook my head, knowing Phil and Fury would have my head.

"I'm sorry. I wish I could," I said, quickly walking up to the glass cage more. "I really do." There was a pause, as he took another step closer to where I was. I knew glass would separate us, but what if he could get through it? I shook that thought away. "I'm Rachel, by the way." He gave me a smirk.

"Loki. I'm sure they have told you about me," he stated, quickly as he placed his index finger on his upper lip. "I killed 80 people in two days."

"Impressive. I've killed…three so far," I admitted, looking at the corner, ashamed of this. I couldn't help myself, they were brats. I had to kill my siblings. He gave me a grin, this time seemingly loyal and slightly seductive.

"Then maybe we aren't that different after all," Loki said, placing his arm on the glass. I took a step back, crossing my arms as I titled my head a second time. He chuckled, and then removed his arm. "Are you one of those…things?"

"Nope," I replied. "And those things happen to be my friends." He raised his hands in the air, turning around quickly.

"Didn't mean to offend," he said, seemingly honest. "They are probably going to kill me anyway."

"What do you mean? The Avengers would never," I said, my voice getting cross. Was he right? He whirled around, moving back to the spot where he was.

"They would," Loki stated, his eyebrows narrowing over his hurt eyes. "Believe me, they will." A pause began as he placed his arm back up, knowing I'd be back closer to him. He was correct, but I was seething with built up rage.

"They can't hurt a fly!" I protested, leaning in to yell. "They are peace makers!"

"Fury seems to be making them peace makers. Ah yes, and with me trying to take over the world and kill my army!" Loki shouted his nose close to the glass. I shook my head, clenching my fists.

"ARE YOU DAFT?" I shouted, laying a fist on the glass. "They are protecting their world!" Loki didn't reply. He just stood there, glaring and clenching his teeth angrily at me. I could feel the heat coming from him. I noticed his eyes again. They were angry, but somewhere in them, was a mixture of hurt. I looked down at the ground, sighing deeply. "I'm sorry…I guess it seems that way from your side." I could see Loki tilt his head, confused about what I had just done.

"I thought you were going to leave," Loki whispered, "That's what Fury did." I looked back up at him, shaking my head as I bit my lip gently.

"No. I'm not like them," I said, giving him a weak smile. He looked down at my hand, which had now turned from a fist into my palm being pressed against the glass. I watched him, my cheeks blushing as he placed his hand against mine. Even though there was glass, I could still feel the warmth. He was so pale, that I thought he would be cold and not warm. I turned my head, looking back at Loki. His cheeks were a dark red as he smiled, weakly.

"I can already tell that you are not like them," he said, leaning his forehead against the glass. I wanted to press the release button. NOW. I had never wanted anyone this badly before. I really, really wanted him. I didn't care if he was a 30 year old and I was a teenager. Fury would be upset about this, let alone Phil. Phil would be hurt, which made me consider this. Speaking of those two, I heard voices in the hall. I turned my head, removing my hand from the glass. Loki moved to the center of the room, staring at the door, determined. I would guess they were down the left hall, and would open the door in about 30 seconds. I began to walk down the stairs, heading for the door. When-

"WAIT!" I looked back at Loki. He gave me a smile, and waved. I returned the smile, and walked out of the door, running quickly down the hall. I was quick enough, as Fury had just opened the door when I was down the other hall. I sighed deeply, trying to hide my blushing cheeks from the facility. I couldn't. I just couldn't. I decided to go back into back into the laboratory, hoping Stark and Banner wouldn't notice. My hopes would fail me though, I'd get noticed

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