Unbreakable: A Loki Love Story

The battle over mankind is at hand. The Avengers are in battle with the Skrulls and the Chitauri ruled by Loki. There is a catch though. Can one girl change the fate of the Avengers and humanity?

Chapter 1

Broken City

Author's Note:
Excuse the random fancy A's that you may see during the story.
Darkness did cloud my mind. I tried to blink, I tried to speak. Not a sound came out, nor did any light show itself to my brown eyes. I thought I was dead, I really did. But then again, I felt a burning pain inside of my stomach. I felt betrayed, embarrassed, and sad. He had betrayed me. I didn't listen to them. I was lead by an emotion I now hated, love. Finally, it had come at last. I was alive. Light poured into my vision as a broken city appeared before my eyes. Someone was shaking me. I could hear voices. Most of them were male and one was female. I let myself slip away from my dreaming and into reality.

"Rachel?! You are awake!" cried someone, seemingly happy. I felt myself be pulled up as I shook my head. It was a man whom had cried with glee. He was dressed in a blue spandex outfit, with a blue mask that was sown into the outfit, and a shield that was encircled with blue, red and white with a star in the center. I nearly laughed at this, but my strength was weak.

"She finally woke up?" asked another man, wearing a tight black shirt, black pant and holding a bow in his left hand. He was loading it and shooting at things, that I still couldn't see. Was I dreaming? The man in the spandex shook me, trying to get me back to reality more.

"She looks like she is going to faint at any time now. We have to put her somewhere safe," the man said, slowly as he held me up like I was going to fall. I mumbled something, shaking my head. I remembered. He was Captain America, the man I hated. He was bossy. The man with the bow was Hawkeye, I think. I could recognize his bow anywhere. A loud puff of air sounded behind me, as well as the clanking of metal.

"I'll take her to the roof with Hawk," Stark spoke, heroically as he grabbed me by the shoulder. Without any comment from America, I was flown in the air with Stark and Hawk. I watched as the sky whirled above my head, or was that spaceships? Stark lowered me onto the roof, and left without a say. Hawk gave me a look, then loaded his bow.

"You should have listened," he started, smirking gently at the building in front of us. He aimed at something, then let the arrow fly. I finally noticed that it was an alien from Asgard. I frowned deeply.

"I'll try to remember that," I said, standing up from my seat. I noticed around my waist was a small dagger, encrusted with random jewels that hurt my eyes in the sunlight. "…Did I always have this?" Hawk chuckled as he let another arrow go.

"It's your weapon, the one that lets you do all that stuff you can do," he answered, glancing over at the Stark Industries building. The portal was still leaking enemies. I watched, shaking my head again.

"I can't believe it," I hissed to myself. I really couldn't. It had to be a dream.

"Believe it," Hawk chuckled. "It's basically all your fault that you got too close with the enemy." He let another arrow go as he turned towards me. "That's Natalia’s job." I rolled my eyes. Natalia and America were the one's that annoyed me, but Hawk was good friends with them both so I couldn't say too much.

"Where is she anyway?" I asked, tilting my head curiously.

"Over at the Stark building," Hawk replied, focusing more on the new coming aliens. "This isn't going to be safe. I don't know what the hell Stark was thinking."
"I'm sorry, what about me?" Stark asked, landing behind Hawk. I could merrily see his smirk from inside. Hawk glanced at him, then nodded to me.

"Get her out of here," he hissed, loading his bow. Stark grabbed me by the arm and carried me over to his industry building, gently placing me down on the very top.

"Stay here," Stark ordered, flying away. I frowned, crossing my arms like a child. I wouldn’t want to be here either. Natalia was-

I would have finished my sentence, but lightning so happened to come flying in front of me. I gasped, ducking my head down as it hit the sky above me. Thor must be here. I slowly began to work my way down from the top, finding myself landing on the place where Stark would get his armor taken off. A hammer flew towards me and landed at my feet. I backed up as Thor barreled out the door, giving me a grin, then grabbed up the hammer.

"Woke up I see?" he asked, his voice shaking with power. "Wonderful. Don't come inside." He ran back inside, leading up to several crashes and yells. I raised an eyebrow, looking at my dagger. What could this do? I looked back up at the door and walked towards it. I was stupid, A stupid teenager indeed. It was like a horror movie when the girl opens the closet door as a phantom slices her stomach. I reached for the handle and opened it. I looked inside, to find Thor gone. They must have gone outside…they? I ran for the opposite door, which lead to the balcony. Thor wasn’t present, but I saw his thunder from far away. He was perched on a tall tower. I sighed, then something moved in the corner of my eye. Something was rising from the corner, breathign heavily and bleeding somewhat. There was blood on the concrete, that's how I came to that conclusion. I placed a hand on my dagger, narrowing my eyes as the figure stood. I could recognize those unnatural green eyes anywhere. It was Loki. He smirked darkly at me, raising his spear-like weapon up.

"I thought Thor told you to not come closer, like a good girl," he said, grinning now. I frowned, dropping my dagger like an idiot. Maybe I wasn’t but to some I was.

"Why the hell am I even afraid of you?" I muttered, loud enough for him to hear. "You are just a kid, lost in the world." I shrugged, smirking back at him. "That's a bit sad, isn't it? Working with the Skrulls and the Chitauri?" He approached me, giving me this look of annoyance.

"They are powerful people," Loki said, folding his arms across his chest as he stared at the broken city. "Just look."

"And what's even worse…you betrayed me," I said, my head whirling with the mixed anger and sadness. He turned sharply, his eyes showing hurt for a second, then back to anger.

"I did not betray you," he hissed, pointing a finger at me as he narrowed his eyebrows.

"Then what do you call what you did?" I asked, raising my hands above my head. He had always annoyed me. That’s why I loved him. "You told me that you'd stop this. Remember in the glass cage? You killed Phil, after you promised me. I thought I could forgive you...but this.." I gestured at the city, which was practically finished. "…this cannot be forgiven." He turned from my angry eyes, biting his hand gently. This made me pissed. "YOU PROMISED ME A LOT!" I shouted, clenching my fists as the anger boiled underneath my pale skin. "THE GODS SHOULD BE ASHAMED!"

"I TRIED TO KEEP IT!" Loki shouted, turning back to me with his weapon pointed at me. He had a mad look in his eyes as he stared. "I TRIED! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! THOR DOESN'T UNDERSTAND! NO ONE DOES!" He stamped his foot, angrily like a pouting child. "I tried. I really did. Darkness gets the best of me." The anger, evil and the sadness disappeared for a second, showing me the real Loki I did know. I remembered the memories that we had shared together. I want to go back and relive them and I will. I closed my eyes, shaking my head gently at him.

"Loki. I understand," I whispered.

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