Body Image?

My opinion please don't hate, and please don't take it too seriously.

Chapter 1

Skinny vs. Fat

Okay, firstly I'm going to start off by saying that media is way too influential on teenage girls (and guys) and with sayin that, here is arant about the biased socail messages being put forward to today's generation of young people.

I am actually extremely underweight for my age, which mens alot of thing... I feel the cold more, I'm not exactly able to defend myself entirely if I become in any danger, I'm more vulnerable to illnesses, and- something that scares me more than being sick?


Now, I understand that the word "Skinny" and "fat" are supposed to me contradictory things, and on the surce, yeah, sure, definately. But, really, those words are just labels. I'm sick of being the "skiny" chick. The "Scrawny" on or "Bony" one.

I read magazines, too where there is a very strong emphasis on the feelings of 'fat girls.' I'm sorry, but isn't that biased?

I am not saying in any way, taht the girls who might be larger than some of us, should be bullied, or shouldn't feel go I am saying that there is next to no focus on the opposite end of the scale.

People say I'm blessed to not have to worry about my weight, when in fact, I DO! I have to work out daily and make sure I eat healthy just to keep weight on. In some ways I feel like I work harder and compain less than most of you 'big' girls.

I'm sick of the hypocricy... If you have the right to call me bony or norexic, then shouldn't I hav ethe right to call you jiggly and obese?

And it's not just media and kids, either. Adults have much more concern in the area of fatter girls. They seem to think that when someone metions how skinny, I dn't die a little. But no, when someone metions anything to do with a largers gilrs weight, or body that person is autmatically a dispicable human being.

Now like I said, I don't have aything against the fact that people are olooking out for the feelings of the girls who are more insecure than some. But you kno what? When you see a gil who looks t herself in the mirror and can count her ribs, or see her hip bones protruding awkwardly out t od angles, when she is worried to sit on her boyfriends lap because her bottom is so biny, or the girls that can see their collar bone, when they get dubbed the nickname 'stegosaurus' becase you can see their spine- and you can call them, truthfull, not insecure, then you can go for your life, but I can almostguarntee you, that day will never come.

Skinny girls have feelings too.

Sory aboutt he spelling mistakes guys, I was typing in a hurry.


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