Chapter 1

Average life

I have an average life and am and am an average teenage girl
My name is Amy and i am 15 years old My best friend is Mia
And here is the story of when i was kidnapped
One day after school me and my friend, Mia, were walking home from school talking about my biggest crush ,Jake, "He is sooo cute " I tell mia. "not really"
she replies. "wait do you see those men over there" I say pointing at the end of the street. "yeah why" she says "Lets turn around " i say sounding afraid. Mia hears the fear in my voice and just rolls her eyes "Come on stop being a baby, they wont do anything " she says. But i can see her watching them suspiciously. "Just dont do anything stupid and keep walking" she whispers
"ugh i am not a baby" I say rolling my eyes. As we walk past the guys and their van, one of them yells "there are 2 girls over there" that is when mia and i look at each other and i whisper "run". But we just start to walk fast and swiftly to the other direction. The brown haired guy yells "Get em". Mia grabs my hand and we both start to run, unfortunately the guys are a lot faster then us. The brunnete guy grabs mia by her hair and another guy with black hair grabs me by my backpack. Mia kicks the guy and he looses grip she starts to run but then looks back at me. The black haired guy has me by my hair also and is very strong. Mia yells "Let her go" and in the moment of her hesitation the brunette recaptures her. I try to fight back but end up in the guys grip screaming and crying while mia tries to fight for the both of us. They drag both of us two the truck and throw us in the back not bothering to tie us up or anything. They drive us as we bang on the door hoping it will break open but it doesnt. They soon arrive to were ever they went and open the back. Mia and I make a leap for freedom but then i get hit in the head and fall down. When i wake up i am tied to a chair next to mia with our hands tied behing our backs and tape over our mouthes. oh no, no no not his can not be happening I think to myself. Mia soon wakes up and looks scared. What? SCARED? Mia is tough i have never seen her scared like this. Please let this all be a bad dream But that is when i hear the door knob twist and the door open. oh shiz It was the guy with brown hair.
"hey girls" He says sarcastically "The name is john but you will adress my as....hmm...let me think, how about hotttie?" he says with a nasty smirk. if mia's mouth wasnt taped shut she would have cussed him out by now "Got it?" He asks. I shake my head but mia sits there glaring at him. "GOT IT?" he yells directly at mia and gives her a hard slap across her face. She still glares at him not backing down. "oh *uck it" he says rolling his eyes and kicking her in the leg and leaving . That is what i have always loved about her. she is rebellious but right now, her attitude may just end up killing us.

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