Love is blind...

Chapter 1

A lesson to learn

Once in a kingdom, the eldest princess of a kingdom was to choose a man from the land to marry. Her ailing father sent messages to all of the noblemen of the area, but the princess had a different idea in choosing her suitor. She had her most trustworthy maid dress her in rags and cover her in dirt and sent her secretly into the outskirts of town. The first man who passed what appeared to be a young beggar girl was a knight from a nearby kingdom. The girl asked the knight for money, but was scoffed at by the knight who came walking to the kingdom, hoping for the hand of the King's eldest child. Many other nobles walked by the beggar, scoffing everytime, from princes to knaves. Finally, the poorest young man, the shepherd's son. He saw the beggar and brought her into his home to be cleaned up and to be fed. He offered her to say in the home that he shared with his seven elder brothers. Instead, she asked his name. He told her his name was Jonathan. After he said this, the princess (still disguised) brought him to the presentation where she slipped off and got ready. The princess daintly walked onto the stage and told the nobles in the audience that they were cruel men, not worthy for her kingdom. She named Jonathan her suitor, for he was the only one with kindness in his heart. The pair ruled the kingdom together and taught their children and grandchildren of the story of their meeting.


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