If Only I Could Hear Your Voice (Darren Criss - Little Numbers)

So I was reading Little Numbers, an awesome Fan fiction!
Its about Blain and Kurt from Glee and it just inspired me to give this kind of story ago!

Im not trying to steal the idea or anything, Im kinda making a fan fic, of a fan fic if that makes sense? I suggest you all read that story as well since it is so addictive and utterly amazing!

I already have 15 chapters up on another site, im just doing it here too :)

Chapter 1

Chapter One


Oct, 24th, 2011
Monday, 9:15 am

Are we rehearsing today?

Rehearsing? I’m in a production? Since when?!

Who is this?

You texted me?!

Sorry, wrong number haha!

It’s okay… What are you rehearsing for?

Very interested for a stranger aren’t you?

Sorry, am I bothering you? I’m in a lecture with nothing to do so…

Oh no, you’re not, I just don’t actually know who you are.

Oct, 25th, 2011
Tuesday, 3:00 pm

You never did answer me you know…

Who is this?

Wrong number from yesterday.

Are you stalking me?!

No, I’m not stalking you, I just happen to have another lecture.

Bored I take it?


What are you studying?

Oh no, answer my question first, Mr ‘are you stalking me?’

Why do I suddenly feel obligated to answer to a stranger?

Because you are :)

Oh god…
I’m part of a production me and some college friends are making, nothing too big.

Is that all I’m getting?

Afraid so.

Oct, 27th, 2011.
Wednesday, 11:00 am.



That’s my name.

Oh! Thanks.

Do I get to know yours?



Make a wish!


What did you wish for?

I can’t tell you that! It won’t come true otherwise.


Wish came true ;)


Oh yes.

You’re not a weirdo are you?

Define weirdo?

Oh god you are!

I’m joking, relax!

Oct, 27th, 2011
Wednesday, 2:45 pm

Did I actually freak you out?

No, sorry I had a class! :)

Oh good! So are you going to tell me what you study now?

English and creative writing.


Thanks! It’s awesome apart from the lectures!

Tell me about it.

What are you studying?

Oh I don’t anymore.

College graduate?


What did you major in?

Theater performance and received a bachelor of fine arts.

When did you graduate?

Is this your sneaky way of trying to find out how old I am?

I’m good at maths…

And you thought I was the weirdo?
I’m 24, I graduated in 2009.

Finally decide I wasn’t too weird to talk to?

I guess so…

Oh good.

How old are you?


?!?!?!?! No! I just want to make sure I’m not talking to a child?!

I told you I’m in college?

Oh yeah…
My bad.

I’m 22, I finish college in June 2012!

What college do you go to?


Huh? What…

That’s my safe word.


Yep, if you ask something I think Is a stalker question, then I say my safe word.


Darren. :)

Can I just point out that you’re texting me? I texted you by accident…

And yet you continue to text back…


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