One Direction Imagines XD

One Direction Imagines XD

Okay so a few of you want me to do One Direction Imagines so I am doing personal imagines.

Chapter 3


You woke up feeling sad you missed your best friend Harry since he went away. You walked into the kitchen not paying attention you hit your leg on the door.
“Ouch stupid door!” you said out loud then heard laughter.
“Hey don’t blame the door because you’re half asleep” you turned to see Harry and the boys laughing.
“HARRY!” you yelled as you ran and jumped on him knocking him over on the ground with you on top.
“JULIA” he yelled hugging you tight
“Get a room” you stood up and looked at Louis smirking.
“Jealous much” you helped Harry up and went to the kitchen.
“No” you heard Louis mumble.
“So why are you here?” you said smiling.
“Harry missed you and he wanted to-” Niall started before Harry interrupted him.
“I wanted to see my Best friend “he said smiling.
“Anyone want food” you said smiling as Niall ran to the table.
You ate quietly and talked every now and then to the boys.
“Okay we are not sitting in the house all day” Harry said standing up.
“Let me get dressed” you ran into your room put on a nice pair of jeans, a nice shirt, a pair of nice shoes , tied you hair in a ponytail and dusted some light make up on.
“Ready” you heard Niall say as he stood up.
“Let’s go to the carnival” you said as you hopped in the car.
You sat in the back with Harry and Niall as the other boys sat in the front.
“So do you like Harry?” Niall asked straight out.
“As a friend yes but nothing more” you looked at Harry as his smiled faded.
“What?” you turned to Niall and his face looked upset.
You looked at them then figured out what was wrong.
“Oh my god I’m sorry Harry I didn’t know you liked me” the car stopped and everyone quickly hopped out.
It was a quiet walk into the carnival.
“I’m going to get food” Niall said quietly.
“I’ll come” you said tagging along.
“Julia, can I ask a question?” Niall asked
“Yeah sure” you said smiling you liked Niall and you felt bad for Harry but you knew it would be best if you were just friends.
“Why don’t you like Harry?” he asked while buying some food.
“Because I like someone else and I don’t want to ruin our friendship” you blushed and brought some food.
You walked back quietly eating.
“Harry lets go on the Ferris wheel” you said grabbing his hand and pulling him along.
“Next” the carnival man said looking at you and Harry.
You both hopped in.
“Okay Harry I like you as a best friend and I won’t ever like you more because I never want to ruin our friendship and I like……someone else” you said nervously.
“Okay I guess that’s understandable and since you’re my best friends who do you like?” Harry said actually being happy.
“Don’t get angry but I like…..Niall” you said excitedly.
“I’m not but I think he likes you too” he said smiling.
You both smiled and tumbled out of the Ferris wheel as it stopped. You both walked over to the boys happily.
“Niall come lets go play a game” Harry said smiling.
“No….” you stopped as they both looked at you. “Don’t worry” you said walking away with the other boys.
You walked around getting to know Zayn, Liam and Louis until Harry and Niall came back smiling.
“Come with me” Niall said pulling you along until he came to a stop.
“Niall what did Harry say?” you asked blushing.
“This” he said kissing you for a few seconds then stopping “Will you go out with me?” he asked smiling.
“Let this answer your question” you said pulling him forward and kissing him passionately for a while “Yes” you smiled as you walked over to the boys.
“Let’s go home” Harry said smiling.
You decided Harry, Niall and yourself were going to walk home and the other boys decided to drive.
“I love you Harry” you said hugging him.
“And I love you too Niall” you said blushing.
You walked with Harry holding one hand and Niall holding the other.
“What are you thinking?” Niall asked.
“I am thinking how I have the most Amazing best friend and Boyfriend……..what else could a girl want” you said smiling.

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