One Direction Imagines XD

One Direction Imagines XD

Okay so a few of you want me to do One Direction Imagines so I am doing personal imagines.

Chapter 25


You walked into the shop to go get carrots as you reached down you bumped into someone.
“Oh I’m sorry” you said turning to see a guy with blue eyes and who was gorgeous.
“It’s alright. So do you like carrots?” He said with a smile.
“Yes I do I’m guessing you do too? “ You said smiling.
“I love them” he said smiling.
“Oh cool well stranger I have to get going” you said with a smile as you walked to pay for your carrots.
“It’s Louis”
“What?” you asked turning.
“My names Louis” he said smiling.
“Well maybe I’ll see you around” you said smiling.
“Wait! What’s your name?” he asked as I walked to the door.
“Its Myia” you said smiling as you disappeared out the door.
Louis’ POV-
“Wait! What’s your name?” I asked the girl.
“It’s Myia” She said disappearing out the door.
I paid for my carrots and walked home eating them.
“Boo Bear!” Harry yelled hugging me.
“Hey boys” I said as Harry let go.
I sat on the couch and explained to the boys about Myia then went to bed.
‘She’ pretty, nice, smart and likes CARROTS what else do I need’ i thought to myself as I slowly drifted off to sleep.
End of POV
I walked home happily I just met an incredibly gorgeous guy and he doesn’t think I’m weird because I like carrots.
‘Louis, Louis, and Louis why do I keep thinking about Louis’ I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep.
I woke up and decided to go for a walk to Nando’s for breakfast.
“You’ve got that One Thing!” you sang as you sat reading at your table waiting for your food.
“You’re good” you looked up to see Louis.
“Hey Louis I didn’t know you liked Nando’s” you said smiling.
“I am here with my friends” He said pointing to a group of boys who were smiling.
“Oh okay” you said as you smiled and waved to the boys.
“Do you want to sit at our table?” he said asking.
“Sure!” you hoped up and walked over.
“Hi boys I am Myia” you said smiling.
“Yep we have heard about you love” The curly headed guy said smiling while Louis blushed a light pink.
“FOOD” Niall yelled as all our food came over.
You all laughed and ate while talking to get to know each other.
“So you’re telling me that you are a famous band and you’re sitting here with me?” you said giggling.
“Yep you know that song you were singing we are that band” Louis said smiling.
“No way! This is epically awesome” you said smiling while the boys laughed.
“So what are your plans for the day?” Louis asked.
“I don’t have any plans” You said looking up to see them smiling.
“What?” you said looking confused.
“So babe do you want to come over and hangout with us?” Harry said with a wink.
“Okay flirty since I have nothing else to do” you smiled.
You walked with the boys around the corner to a limo.
“No way! Are we getting in that?” You asked looking at them.
“Yep” Louis said popping the ‘P’.
“WOW” you said as you got in.
“You are so interesting” Louis said talking to you.
“Me interesting? I think it should be the other way around” you smiled as you chatted.
“Okay were here” The boys said getting out.
You walked up to an apartment that was huge.
“Sorry about the mess” Liam said starting to clean.
“Do you play COD?” Zayn asked.
“Yes” you said walking over to help Liam.
“You don’t have to help you can go play game” Liam said.
“I know but I want to help and they still have to set it up’’ You said smiling.
You and Liam cleaned quickly while the boys set the game up.
“Games ready” Zayn said handing you the control.
“Okay boys do you want me to take it easy on you?” You asked smiling.
You sat watching the boys laugh.
“Okay want me to prove it who’s first?”
“Me” Liam said sitting beside you.
“Okay you asked for it”
You versed each one of them leaving them with sad faces.
“I have to get going boys” you said looking at the clock.
“Well we can give you a lift home” Liam said standing up.
“No it’s okay I need to take a walk anyway” you said smiling.
“Wait Myia come with me” Louis said holding your hand and leading you to his room.
“What’s up?” you said.
“Here” He said pulling out a jumper for you.
“Thanks” you said looking at him.
You looked up to him and his eyes met yours as you both slowly leant forward you could smell his minty breath and your face was about an inch away from him.
“Louis! Oops” Harry said walking in.
“Uh I was just leaving” you said running out like a tomato.

Louis’ POV-
“Uh I was just leaving” she said running out.
“HARRY!” I said tackling him while the boys came running.
“What? I didn’t know you were about to kiss her!” he said as the boys took him out.
‘She nearly kissed me!’ I thought to myself.
End of POV
You smiled as you walked home with Louis’ jumper on it smelt exactly like him.
‘I nearly kissed him’ you thought as you smiled to yourself.
‘Okay there’s one thing I have to get straight the other boys are cute but Louis is the one’ you said to yourself as you had a shower.
You woke up and thought to test your luck by going to NANDO’S.
“I’ve tried playing it cool boy when I’m looking at you, I can’t ever be brave cuz you make my heart race, shot me out of the sky your my kryptonite and you keep making me weak yeah frozen and can’t breathe” you sang as you sat at the table.
“Who is that supposed to be for” you looked up and smiled as Louis sat at your table.
“It’s for a guy I like” You said smiling.
“Oh yeah so what does this lucky guy look like” He said smiling.
“Well he has the most amazing blue eyes and a breath taking smile and he has brown hair and he’s in a band with his four best friends” you said smiling.
“That sounds like me” He said smiling.
You laughed and rolled your eyes.
“Do you want to know about the girl I like?” he asked smiling.
“Okay tell me about this lucky girl” you said smiling.
“Well she is just amazing and I have liked her ever since I met her which wasn’t long ago, she has dark brown eyes and hair and she has a really cute smile and I think she likes me” he said with a wink.
“Oh that kind of sounds like me” you said with a smile.
You walked out holding his hand as you hopped into the limo.
“So where are the boys?” you asked noticing they weren’t with him.
“Oh I told them I was going for a walk” he said smiling.
You walked up to the apartment with Louis.
“We are going to watch a movie in my room so don’t disturb us” Louis said to the boys while holding my hand.
“Well see you later” you said walking with Louis.
You picked the movie grease and snuggled up with Louis.
“Myia will you be my girl?” Louis asked smiling.
“Yes! Oh and I forgot to do something” you said smiling.
“What is that?” Louis asked looking down at you.
“This” you said pressing your lips against his.

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