One Direction Imagines XD

One Direction Imagines XD

Okay so a few of you want me to do One Direction Imagines so I am doing personal imagines.

Chapter 2


#Imagine –
“Sophia Mae” you heard your Boyfriend Niall call out as you walked past Nando’s.
“Oh hey Niall” you said walking over to him.
“You want to hangout” he standing up and kissing you.
“Not today Niall, how about tomorrow?” you asked smiling.
“Yeah sure” he said smiling but looking nervous.
“Niall what’s wrong?” you asked as you both were walking out.
“Nothing. Uh I’ll see you tomorrow” he said running off.
‘Well that was odd’ you thought to yourself as you walked home.
You walked home and did everything you needed to do then went to bed.
Next day –
You heard a knock on your door so you answered it.
“Hey Niall” you said smiling as you pecked him on the cheek.
“Hey Soph…..”He mumbled of nervously.
You sat and ate, played games and talked with Niall for the whole day.
“I love your eyes” Niall said looking down.
“I love your eyes too Niall” you smiled.
He laughed then changed the subject.
“What’s that?” you asked as you noticed a box in his pocket.
“Uh…well there’s something I wanted to ask you” he said nervously.
“Okay go ahead” you said smiling.
“Wait” you watched Niall walk away and make some phone calls then return.
“So…” you said looking into his eyes.
“Come with me” he said as you hopped into his car you looked out the window then soon the car stopped at a park.
“Oh it’s beautiful here” you said looking at the park with what seemed like a million lights.
“Okay” he said as you both stood in the middle of the park.
You stopped and saw the other boys singing ‘moments’.
“What’s going on?” you asked now confused.
“Okay. Sophia Mae will you Marry Me?” he asked on one knee.
“Yes!!” you said happily as he put the ring on your finger.
You turned to see the boys cheering and heaps of camera people.
“Oh Niall I love you” you said as you kissed him passionately.

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