Three Little Words (A One Direction Group Story)

Hi guys!

Eve14's character
Name: Layla Price
Age: 18
Appearence: Medium height,brown sparkly eyes, long silky wavy dark sandy brown hair and skinny

MrsPayne_Horan_Tomlinson's charcater
Name: Savanah Mai
Age: 18
Appearance:Tall, crystal blue eyes, skinny and long red velvet silky wavy hair

Mrs_Niall_Horan's character
Name: Caeley Tomlinson
Age: 18
Appearence: Dark chocolate layered hair and a long side fringe, medium to tall height, dark blue eyes and skinny


Chapter 1

A Suprise Wake Up

Caeley's POV

I checked the alarm clock.
8:58 am it said in a florescent green colour.
I got up and opened the blinds to see the hustle of London tarffic of the summer holidays. It was a bit stuffy so I opened the window and I took in a huge breath of fresh air. Warm and homey.
I started making my bed, a Victorian white brass bed with silver and hot pink covers. Picking the throw pillows off the floor, I hugged one. It was a rosette pillow that Louis had given me for my 17th birthday. Ever since he left X- Factor and started touring, we haven't been that in touch anymore. He is my favourite cousin and I was pretty sure I was to him.
Behind me, I could feel something waiting at the door. I turned around to see who it was.
"Morning Emmy," I whispered.
Emmy was our two year old husky. She pranced over to me, expecting the pat I give her every morning. After she left, I pushed away the closet mirror. Pushing through the clothes, I found my olive grey cardigan, my baby pink top and blue jeans. I slipped into those, put my socks on and I went outside.
I saw Savannah in her favourite red varsity jacket, a singlet and skinny jeans.
"Morning. I'm going to make an omelette, you want some?" I asked.
She nodded and went to Emmy, giving her a pat. I chopped some mushroom, chives and chicken, added them to the egg and fryed it. We ate, chatted, gossiped.
"It's ten thirty," Savannah started as she sat opposite me at our glass table, "you know what that means."
I smiled evilly and nodded. We that, we got out of our seats.

We were standing beside Layla's bed in her dark room.
"Layla, you awake?"
We looked at eachother. Then we gripped the purple sheets. Savannah let go of the sheet and lifted one finger. Then two fingers. Three. We both lifted the sheet as high as we could.
We let go and saw Layla on the floor. We were laughing hard as.
"Why do you guys always do this to me?" She asked furiously.
"Y'know the rules. No sleeping past ten thirty. Then we sleep for a whole day, " I reminded her.
She lifted her hands up, we pulled her up and left the room.

"Savannah, switch the channel. I don't want to watch the stupid news," Layla complained. All of us were on our black leather couch, our lounge room was the center of the flat.
Layla was wearing her jean short shorts, her plain white singlet and her blue cardi.
"Wait, leave this channel on," I said.
E! News was on. Today's topic: One Direction.
"Oh I see why..." Savannah said slyly. She giggled with Layla.
"What? Louis is on," I said.
"But Niall is on as well...," added Layla.
Yes, I had a small crush on one of my cousin's friends. But so did Layla and Savannah.
"I'm not the only one! Savannah you use to squel every time you saw Harry and the same with Liam with you Lay-"
Ding dong
"I'll get it," I said.
I walked over to the door, unlatched the lock and when I saw who it was there was only one word I could say.

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