Avenged Love (Avengers version)

Avenged Love (Avengers version)

Lacey Howlett and Loka Laufeydaughter were brought back from the dead to protect Earth and the other 9 realms from Loki (Lokas twin brother) and other villans. they have alot of love and vengeance along the way PS! I DO NOT OWN SOME OF THE CHARACTERS JUST SOME AND THE OTHERS BELONG TO MARVEL ! :)

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 My new life

Chapter 2
After Loki disappeared my skin was changed back from dark blue from my tan skin. I was supporting Clint’s body on my shoulders dragged him out. I don’t know why Loki said that I was his sister and let us come out alive. I began to think“Is what Loki said is true? Am I his long lost sister? A Frost Giant left to die because different? If so will the Avengers accept me? Will Clint? Or will he never talk to me again because I’m a monster?”
When we reached SHIELD I took Clint to the hospital wing. I fell asleep on his arm as I watched him sleep. Then I saw everything, my past, my family, who I am. I talked to the gods and they told me that Loki is my twin brother and I am a Frost Giant from Jötunheim one of the 9 mythical realms. I heard familiar hands clap and turned to Loki smiling “Believe me now sister?” I ignored his question “What do you what Loki?” He smirked “All I simply want is to rule this pathetic world and I want you to join me sister. Together we’re unstoppable, none of these mortals can hurt us. What do you say?”
“No never! I will not join you brother. We may be twins but I’m nothing like you. I will fight for the good.” Loki grabbed me by my chin and got closer to me whispering in my ears “One way or the other I will get what I want sister. I always do.” Then there was a deep pain on my side causing me to wake up. I gasped clutching to my side. I got up kissing Clint of the cheek and saw Lacey there with opening arms; she hugged me tight “I know who and what you are.”
After Lacey and I, decided to go get some grub. I heard our pagers go off “Avengers meeting in 10 minutes” We went back to the room to freshen up then headed to the meeting room. Everyone was there and Clint walked in “Hey guys.” Diana squeaked throwing her arms around his neck “I’m so glad you’re ok brother!” He laughed “Yeah me too.” Then Fury walked in sliding a stack of pictures at us “This is Loki Laufeyson.” I turned to Lacey and she nodded.
“Uh… Sir Can I say something?” he nodded and I stood up in front of the team. I saw each and every one of their faces realizing how hard this was. I took a deep breath and bit my lip looking down. “Come on Loka you can do this.” I heard Lacey. I nodded “I-I-I’m not human. When I was a kid I was left to die but then I ended up on a planet where I grew up with Lacey. There were other kids, children, adults. We were a family.
“When we turned 14 our planet was under attack by the Chitauri. Our only hope died against them. Since me and Lacey were the only ones left to protect our family. We fought and then got captured. They tortured us for years. Lacey died in front of me then I couldn’t take the pain, the abuse anymore and took my life. I couldn’t live as their slave and live without my best friend. I don’t know if the others escaped or not, I hope so they were only children. Then a couple years later the gods brought us from the dead.
“Giving us a mission, protect all the 9 realms innocent’s in return freedom. Then yesterday when I rescued Clint; Loki was calling me his long-lost sister and grabbed my wrist and I turned blue. The gods told me that Loki is my twin brother and I am a Frost Giant from one of the 9 mystical realms but this doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to do whatever to stop my brother.” I saw Clint’s shocked face and turned around. I felt my skin changing and I looked at my team “I’m sorry.” I sense their feelings disgust, hate, regret. I blinked trying not to break down right then and there.
‘I told you sister; these mortals don’t accept you and never will.’ I flinched at his voice. One of the agent’s ran in “Director Fury we have a hit on Loki he’s back in Germany as we speak.” Fury looked at the team “Avengers bring in Loki.” I went to leave with the team “Loka, Lacey you stay here.” We nodded feeling the team’s gaze on us “Yes Sir.” The team left “I appreciate that you told me and you can still be on the team.” We statue “Thank you Sir, and one more thing is there a James Howlett known as Logan or Wolverine?”
“Yes he is the leader of the X-Men why?” I looked at Lacey “James is your brother, Lacey you are a mortal mutant.” She smiled happy to know that she is a mortal, but I am a monster just like my brother. My smile faded away as I walked away “I need to blow off some self-esteem.” I went to the practice wing; shot a couple of bullets, arrows; and then ending up taking my emotions out on the punching bags.
Every hit and kick stand for every hit that that I felt, every kick, every scream, every tear, every bit of pain, every time me body was burned, every time I heard Lacey scream in pain, every time I saw her get hurt, every moment I cried after she died, after I took my own life, knowing that I’m a Frost Giant, a disgusting creature, knowing that Loki is my brother, knowing that even my team can’t look at me with a smile or anything, and knowing that Clint will never feel what I feel for him.
“You are nothing with the mortal’s sister. But together you and I can take over all of the 9 realms. King and Queen for the rest of eternally; join me. Join me sister.” His voice echoed in my ears. “Join me. Join me.” I put my hands on my ears sliding on the fall trying to get him out if my head. “Join me sister.”

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