Avenged Love (Avengers version)

Avenged Love (Avengers version)

Lacey Howlett and Loka Laufeydaughter were brought back from the dead to protect Earth and the other 9 realms from Loki (Lokas twin brother) and other villans. they have alot of love and vengeance along the way PS! I DO NOT OWN SOME OF THE CHARACTERS JUST SOME AND THE OTHERS BELONG TO MARVEL ! :)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Loki

Redo of Avenged Love Chapter 1
Loki the God of Mischief, and powerful Asgardian, crazy and sick minded has taken the Cosmic Cube. Loki is controlling Agent Clint Barton Aka Hawkeye and other people. This is what Lacey and I are here to protect Midgard (Earth) from Loki and other villains. Director Nick Fury has launched the Avengers Initiative; putting together a team. Agent Natasha Romanoff Aka Black Widow went to get Dr. Brice Banner known as the Hulk while Tony Stark Iron Man and Captain America are coming with other guests.
Lacey and I are at SHEILD Helicarrier with Agent Maria Hill waiting for the team to get here. We’ve been working here for about 4 or 5 years along side with Natasha and Clint. I have strong feelings for Clint, I try not to show it; since he’s under Loki’s control I’m afraid. But I also feel a bit bad and sad cause we’re like the same; lied to and are confused looking for answers. I never knew my family; I don’t even know who I am.
“Hey guys.” I heard a female voice behind us and we turned to see Clint’s sister Agent Diana Elizabeth Barton with dark red hair and Clint’s light blue eyes. I smiled “Hey Diana how are you?” She hugged me “I’m good I know that my bro will be fine he always does.” True, I thought. I heard people come in Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, a long hair blonde male who I think is Thor with a black haired beautiful woman and another short blonde hair; two teenagers one with brown and the other black. The brown haired one looked a lot like Mr. Stark.
Natasha’s sister Hannah walked in the dame uniform as her sister. Diana, Hannah, Lacey and I walked to the people and introduced ourselves. First we reached Mr. Rogers and Stark “Hello I’m Agent Loka and this is Agent Barton, Romanoff, and Howlett.” Tony shook my hand “Hi I’m Tony Stark and this is my sister Kimmy.” I shook Kimmy’s hand “Nice to meet you.” and turned to Steve Rogers “Hi Mr. Rogers it’s an honor to meet you.” He smiled “Thanks but you can call me Steve.” Mr. Stark cut in “Oh why does he just an ‘honor to meet you' and I get a ‘hi’?”
“Because if it weren’t for Steve we won’t be here and he has lost a lot and he needs to be thanked unlike you Mr. Stark.” Steve was laughing and Mr. Stark was smirking “I like you. You’re amusing.” I smiled “I’m glad I amuse you.” We walked over to the teenager Alice Waters was her name a very nice young girl. The Gods I’m guessing were waiting “Hi I’m Loka and this is Hannah Romanoff, Lacey Howlett, and Diana Barton it’s nice to meet you.” The male with the long hair bowed “Hello I’m Thor; this is Aundie and Damon we come from Asgard.”
The women didn’t even say anything rude “Thank you very much for coming here and helping us.” Thor nodded as Natasha and Dr. Banner came in. I meant him and Director Fury walked in “Settle down everyone. Take a seat.” Everyone sat down and Fury walked about the tables “We have a crisis a god of mischief Loki an Asgardian Thor’s brother from Asgard has stole the Cosmic Cube from us with unlimited power.” Steve looked at Thor “Thor what’s he’s play?”
“He has an army, called the Chitauri. They're not of Asgard or any world known. He means to lead them against your people. They will win him the Earth. In return, I suspect, for the Tesseract.” Steve sat back in his chair “An Army. From outer space.” Bruce spoke up “So he's building another portal. That's what he needs Erik Selvig for.” Thor looked at Bruce as soon as he said Erik Selvig “Selvig? The mortal astrophysicist?” Bruce nodded; Thor said “He’s a friend.” Natasha looked at him “Loki has them under some kind of spell and he has one ours Diana’s brother.” Then Director Fury turned to me “Agent Loka I need you to Find Agent Barton and take the spell off him anyway because he is giving Loki information about us.”
I stood up and statue “Yes director Fury.” Then Mr. Stark cut in “Are you sure Fury? She’s just a woman. I don’t think she could.” I turned to him “What? A woman can’t do what a man can?” He grinned “Yup.” I walked out the room “When I get back with Agent Barton we’ll spare.” I did a spell to track down Clint and ended up somewhere in Germany. I saw an abandoned warehouse with strange energy.
It was quiet in the warehouse until I got pushed onto a wall with someone twisting my arm and broke it. I back head butted the person and threw my legs around his neck throwing him across the room seeing it was Clint. He grabbed me and kneed my in the stomach. When I dropped to the ground he kicked my stomach repeated; I managed to kick his legs out from under him and say a control spell. He shook his head and looked at me “Loka?” Then passed out.
I got up carrying Clint until I turned to see who I’m guessing is Loki clapping his hands “Impressive. Now tell me my long lost sister? Why are you with the mortals?” I was confused “What are you talking about?” He walked up to me and grabbed my wrist squeezing my skin then it turned blue “See you are just like me. A frost Giant left to die because we’re different sister.” I shook my head “No I’m nothing like you. I’m not a monster.” He smiled “Why don’t you ask our dearest cousin Nikki? She’ll tell you what we are but sister do you think that these mortals will accept you once they figure out what you are?” He looked down at Clint and kissed my cheek “Don’t decline it sister. Accept who are.” Then he disappeared in thin air.

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