im not complaining about anything, im just going to spill somethings on my mind. idgaf what you think so fvck off biitches.

Chapter 1


I've loved you for a long time now, at least 4 years. i've seen you at your lows and highs and ive never lost any feelings for you. it hurts watching you be loved by someone else now. everyday, i deal with the fact that im nothing more than a sister to you. but what hurts is that i just want to make you happy and you never give me a chance. i held your hand when she broke your heart and i helped you get over it, but you still dont know. all those movies where i got scared and tried to hide behind you, those games where id make my own rules and tell you to play by them because other rules mean nothing and youd get my meaning and make your rules, all the inside jokes that we weirded others out with, all the songs id make you sing to me and all the times id put extentions in your hair and convince you i bleached it while you slept, everytime you forgot a jacket, id give you mine and get sick later on while you partied. all the stories we made and tears we shed together. i just hate it that im the one who loves you most and you cant see it no matter what i do, cant hear it in my voice no matter how many times i say it.


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