If I get these a lot I'll do EM!

Chapter 1

Some little info on me!

Name: Ameiliea Rosariea last name secrit
Nickname(s): Sunglower, songbird, and A.
Age: 15 almost 16
Grade: it's complicated
Birthday: August 20th 1996
Location: home with the family and a burger
Favorite Food: burgers
Least Favorite Food: Sweet pickles
Favorite Drink: Mountain dew or mello yellow
Least Favorite Drink: lemon lime juice
Favorite Color: Blue, Black, Red
Least Favorite Color: Gray it's to boring
Favorite Book(s): The alchemist series
Least Favorite Book: Twilight
Favorite Movie: p.s. I love you, all the resident evils, and let's go to prison.
Least Favorite Movie: Barbie
Favorite TV Show: Dunno to many but supernatural is up their!
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: Deep blue
Favorite Website: Quibblo and Facebook
Favorite Possession: IPod teddy bear named madem awesome and stuffed dog named mr. Cookie.
Pet: none but will be getting a husky or German shepherd soon!
Family Members: mom, dad, little brother!
Favorite Number: 2
Piercings: none
Most Favorite Thing About Yourself: I always do really good on the ITBS test
Least Favorite Thing About Yourself: I have split personalities, I'm clumsy, and an insomniac who gets into a lot of trouble!
Other: I only see my dad on holidays and my birthday because he lives in Russia!

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