The Witches of Witch High (New Version)

Chapter 4

"Will you be staying a night? We have an extra bed," Taylor asked.

"I wasn't thinking of it but maybe," I replied. Darkness continued to fill the room as the sun set into the dark blue sky.

" Where did Sam go?" I continued.

"I don't really know. Probably to go chase after Madison," he answered. He turned on the glass chandelier as a huge boom quickly turned all the lights off in the whole house. Taylor sighed.

"That was probably them messing with the circuits," he said.

"This is what they usually do?" I asked.

"Every time it's different. They almost blew up the whole building once," he answered.

The long waiting for the lights to turn back on and the girls to stop "fighting" just made Taylor and I in the same room awkward.

"It's almost midnight. You tired yet? You could go home," Taylor cautiously asked.

"I was going to wait for Samantha but I am a bit tired." I replied. Taylor grabbed a candle from the china cabinet since the flashlight we used lost it's batteries. He grabbed the lighter next to it and lite the candle.

"Would you like me to get your bag and your sweater?" he asked.

"Yes, that would be--" An extremely loud shriek came from the hall.

"Are they okay?" I asked.

"I don't think that was them. Something's going on." Taylor said heading to the door. Samantha opened the door and tripped on top of Taylor.

"We need to leave, NOW!" Samantha grunted.

"What's up?" Taylor asked.

They went out into the hallway to talk a bit then Taylor walked back in.

"Sam and I have to leave. Will you be leaving also?" he asked.

"Yes Where are you guys going?" I replied.

"Our mother needs us. Oh, and...Happy Halloween." Taylor left the house, leaving me alone. I still want to find out what's up with the four of them. I grabbed my sweater and bag and left the apartment.

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