The Witches of Witch High (New Version)

Chapter 2

I still felt weird eating in a different kitchen. The bread on my plate stared at me, so I took a bite.
"You should get going soon," said Mom as she grabbed my dishes. She gave me a look. "I assume you have all of your textbooks and notes."
"Yeah, I'm pretty sure," I declared while rummaging through my bag and checking it once again. "Bye!" I quickly picked up my sweater and shot out the door with the bag hanging loosely over my shoulder.

Only two months has passed since the school year began. I hated starting in the middle of the year especially since Halloween was around the corner. School was probably crazy.

I glanced over to the apartment building across from my house. Two girls were heading the same way. One boy walking slowly behind. They had to be going to the same school as me.

I finally got to school. I went straight to the office to get my locker combination, schedule, and my other supplies. After I left the office, I headed to my locker to put away all my text books and note books. Speech was my first period so I got my books and put them in my bag with pencils,pens, and erasers.
"Hey, you're that new kid, Laura isn't it?" a girl said.
I turned around. Those same three people from that building next door from my house were there.
"It's Leah," I said, trying to shoo them off.
"See, I told you guys, her name started with an L!" She said to the 2 other people beside her.
"Whatever, I'm going to class," The boy said.
I closed my locker, hoping that they would leave me alone. I didn't want to be late to my first class on my first day here.
"So Leah, what's your first class?" that same girl spoke.
"Speech," I answered her.
"Awesome! We have the same class. We can show you the way if you like?"
"Sure, thanks." I said giving her a small smile.
She seemed really nice, but what freaked me out was those two people with her. They were the total opposite of her.
"Oh, by the way, my name's Samantha and that's Madison. And the guy who just left was Taylor." she said as she looked over to Madison who was catching up behind.
"So where are you from?" Samantha asked.
"Texas." I answered
"Wow, and you took a car all the way here?" she said and gave a small smile. I nodded.
As the three of us walked down the halls people were staring at either me or Samantha,but she didn't notice at all. She just kept smiling.

We finally made it to class right when the bell rang.
"You must be the new student, Leah. Welcome to Nocturne High. I'm Ms. Harper." the teacher said and smiled. "You'll be sitting next to Alex." She pointed to a blonde who was completely ignoring everyone. I went to go sit next to her. She glanced over at me. Then went to staring to at the wall. We then continued the class.

It seemed like the day flew by. I was on my last period, gym. Samantha and Taylor was in this class too. So was that creepy girl who I sat by in speech.
"You busy tonight?" Samantha asked. "My mom's leaving for trip so we're alone until the weekend on Halloween."
"I don't think I have anything planned." I said. "I'll try coming over."
"Great! We're on the 3rd floor, Apt. B2."

I think we are going to be great friends!

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