Chapter 1


Name: Gloria
Nickname(s): Glory
Age: 15
Grade: Almost 10th
Birthday: Dec. 13
Location: None yer business
Favorite Food: mexican food
Least Favorite Food: A lot of stuff
Favorite Drink: diet pepsi (like vepsy my sisters name)
Least Favorite: sprit
Favorite Color: purple
Least Favorite Color: pink
Favorite Book(s): Ehh, I dont like to read.
Least Favorite Book: Dont care
Favorite Movie: none, or maybe ouran high school host club, or naruto. but there not movies
Least Favorite Movie: idk
Favorite TV Show: Idk , I usally watch tv
Height: 5'3
Weight: 125-137
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Favorite Website: quibblo
Favorite Possession: my winnie a pooh teddy bear. My parents gave it to me wen i was 4. 11 years ago. Wen my grandma was alive
Pet: 2 dogs
Family Members: Vepsy(sister), Rayne(sister) (there both real names) Maria(sister,), Mom, Dad, Aunt Olga(aunt but acts like sister)
Favorite Number: 13 (friday the 13 is the day i was born thats why)
Piercings: ears
Most Favorite Thing About Yourself: my smile
Least Favorite Thing About Yourself: i'm to caring
Other: I love making new friends. And I get along with people good. :D


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