Chapter 1


What is the definition of ugly?

Really, what comes to your mind when someone says the word ugly? Is it spots, warts, wrinkled skin, hunched backs or knobbly knees?


I don't get it.

What gives you the right to tell someone they're ugly for being born the way they are? Spots are a natural side-effect of hormones, whatever age you are. Warts are the defense system for certain viruses. So, you're ugly when your body is defeating viruses? When your body grows old and wrinkled? Are you ugly for being born?

What the hell gives someone the right to call someone ugly?
They don't live up to your expectations of what you like people to look like. Is that it? You don't like their eyes, their nose, their freckles, their teeth, their hair? Does it really hurt that much to look at another human being, with all the same features as you? You have a nose too. You have eyes, hair, freckles, teeth. Does that mean you're ugly too? Because they're all no different. They all work the same.

Do you know how much calling someone ugly hurts? Or smirking at their looks, or making snide comments? Do you know what these kind of words can lead to?

People are born the way they look today, and quite frankly- I think they're beautiful. No. I know they're beautiful. Every single little feature on them is beautiful.

If you wouldn't like someone to walk past you, and call you ugly, why do it to someone else? Don't go calling people ugly.

A lot of people have low self-esteem and self confidence issues. Do you even know why they are like that? Because of all you people making them feel ugly. Why would you want someone to feel like that, be afraid to go out in case people laugh at them? What is the point of it?

Does it make you feel big, putting others down?

Is it your hobby? To chuck people from a cliff and to the rocky shards below, while you fly through the sky. Is that what you think is a beautiful world, full of beautiful people? Then your eyesight is marred.

Do you enjoy picking out peoples flaws for everyone to see? As if they don't see them enough already, when they look in the mirror. Now you've gone put a magnifying glass on them- an image that will be stuck in their head, stopping them from enjoying themselves. Is that how you want people to feel. Just because you want to feel happy, just because you love to put the joke on others.

Flaws don't matter. Without our flaws, we're all the same- a painted face, just another perfect face in the crowd of perfect faces. Perfect isn't beautiful.

Don't you think we want to change the way we look? We have to look at ourselves in the mirror. We know what we look like. There's no need to point out the obvious.

Keep your own rude comments to yourself. People don't want to hear your cruel voice. Don't speak if you don't have anything nice to say. If you don't have anything nice to say at all, then never open your mouth.

Do you really want to know who is ugly?
No, not you.

But the people who think they have the right to call someone ugly.

To the person reading this:
I don't care what people have said to you, because what they have said doesn't matter.

Nothing matters but this.

You are beautiful.


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