In this story I play Carly. A guy named Tom kldnaps me and uses me as his B****. Then after he gets tired of me he just kills me. I get him back by haunting him and making him regret what he did.

Chapter 3

Trapped Under

Soon he came back. Then he sat on my bed and just stared at me, for what seemed like forever. Then he asked "Whats your name?" I said "Sammantha." He said "Thats a very pretty name." and then winked at me. I just looked at him, but didnt say anything. He said "So how old are you?" I said "14."

He looked at the floor and then at me and said "Your kind of young, but you'll do." I said "What do you mean!?" He said "I was hoping you would be older, because you kind of look like it, your body only developed really good really fast." I said "What does it matter if my bodys developed or not and how old I am?" He said "Because what I need you for, I need someone with some type of experiance and I just wanted the looks."

He got up and left the room. I just sat there wondering what he wanted me for, eventhough I pretty much knew from what he'd said. About five minutes later he came back. He had a b r a and a t h o n g, and some rope. He told me to change into it. I didnt move. He threw it to me and told me to change into it again. I stood up but didnt start to change.

He said "What?" Just change into it, or ill do it for you." I started to change and he started to move toward me. I backed away,but I ran into the wall. He came to me and pressed himself against me, pinning me against the wall. My heart started to beat faster and he took out his gun. He said "If you try to fight me, you know what'll happen."

I just stood there, to scared to say or do anything. He put the gun down and started to kiss me. Then he started to feel me. I tryed to move away somehow but I was stuck where I was. He threw me on the bed and got on top of me. Then he took the rope and tied my hands behind my back. Then he started to do more to me. I couldnt fight so I just layed there taking it.

He finally stoped about an hour later. Then he untied me and just layed on the b3d. I started to cry and he noticed. He said "Why are you crying?" I didnt answer him, I just started crying harder. He got up and got dressed. Then left the room and didnt come back the rest of the night..... TBC

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