In this story I play Carly. A guy named Tom kldnaps me and uses me as his B****. Then after he gets tired of me he just kills me. I get him back by haunting him and making him regret what he did.

Chapter 2


When I woke up I couldnt tell where I was, but I knew it wasnt my room. I was in a whole nother house, in a dark room. I couldnt see anything. There was a little window but it was almost dark outside so I couldnt really see anything. I realised I had been asleep for atleast almost 24 hours because it was all the way dark outside when I blacked out.

Then I realised I was tied up and on a bed. My hands were tied to the bed and my feet were tied together. I tryed to break free, but the ropes were to strong. Then The door to the room opened. I saw the same guy from the night before standing there. He fliped on the lights and came closer to me. I began to get scared. I thought 'Whats he gonna do to me!? Who the h3ll is he!? Where am I!?'

He put his hand on my face and smiled a sick smile, then said "Im glad to see your finally awake." I said "Who are you and where am I!??" He said "My names Tom and your some place where no one will ever find you." I said "What are you gonna do to me!?" He said "Well, i'm gonna use you for whatever I want whenever I want, and your not gonna say anything about it, because if you do i'll kill you."

I didnt say anything, I just looked at him and he looked at me. He said "You know your very beutiful, I'd hate to have to hurt you." I still didnt say anything, I was to scared to. After that he left the room and said "i'll be right back, dont go anywhere!!" After he closed the door I said to myself "How the h3ll am I gonna go anywhere?"

Soon he came back and he had some food. He set it on a table beside the bed and started to untie my feet. Then he untied both of my hands and said "You need to eat something." I said "I'm not hungry." He said "I dont care, your gonna eat something." Then he handed me a glass of water and I just looked at him. He told me to drink it so I did, not wanting to go through the same thing as the first time.

After I had drank some of the water he made me eat a bowl of soup. I was worried he put something in it but it tasted normal, so I started to think maybe not. The whole time I was eating I felt him staring at me. After I finished he took the bowl and glass and left the room. I wouldve tryed to escape out the window but it had bars over it and even if it wouldnt have it was too small and to high up to get out of.

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