In this story I play Carly. A guy named Tom kldnaps me and uses me as his B****. Then after he gets tired of me he just kills me. I get him back by haunting him and making him regret what he did.

Chapter 12

Final Resting Place

I stayed there the whole night. When it was late in the morning Tom came in. He didnt look like he slept good at all, if he'd slept any. I smiled and though Perfect. He just stared at Kelly, I guess he still beleived it was her trying to scare him and not really me. So I decided to make it clear it wasnt her, because I was scared he might go to crazy and hurt her by the way he was looking.

I said "Hello Tom. Its great to see you again!!" He looked around in shock, then he looked at Kelly. I said "Clearly, its not Kelly talking Tom. Its me!" He realised it wasnt Kelly and then he looked around panicing. I said "So really, tell me, why did you kill me!? Why did you kidnap me? Can you really get away with all of this?" He yelled "NO, NO, NO! THIS CANT BE HAPPENING. YOUR DEAD, YOU CANT BE HERE! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"

I said "Im not in your head, i'm right in front of you!!" Then I got up and walked over to him. I realised Kelly was awake then, she was staring at Tom. Then he said "NO, YOUR IN MY HEAD!! YOUR NOT REAL!!" Kelly realised I was talking to him and she quickly grined and then made a straight face again. I concentreted on making myself visible so Tom could see me. I did and Tom looked shocked.

I said "You still think i'm not real!?" Tom freaked out and then ran out of the room. I turned to Kelly, who started smiling and then laughing like crazy. I could help but do the same. When she finally stoped laughing she said "That was awesome!" I sat on the bed beside Kelly and allowed myself to turn invisible again.

Tom didnt come back for hours. Kelly and I just layed on the bed and talked. I decided to go find Tom and see what he was doing. I walked out of the room and found him in the far corner of the next room, curled up in a ball, rocking and crying like a baby. I walked over just to get a closer look and enjoy it. Then I said "So, you know your guilty and you cant handle it!? Why dont you just do youself a favor and kill yourself right now!?"

To my surprise he got up and got a gun. He cryed even harder and held it to his head. Then he pulled the trigger and fell to the floor with a pool of blood surrounding his head. I stood there for a minute not beleiving he actually did that. Then I walked back over to the room where Kelly was. I wasnt sure if I could open the door or not, but I concentrated as hard as I could and I tryed to. It opened.

I said "Kelly, come out. Toms dead, its almost over now!" She jumped up and ran out of the room. The first thing she saw was Tom laying on the floor dead. We started to look around for a phone, but we couldnt find one. We decided we would have to find a place with one. We went to Toms room and Kelly got one of his shirts to cover her body. Then she got his keys, she said she could drive and she would find a place with a phone or something.

After that we went and got in his car. We left the cabin. We drove for a while and then we came to a gas station. Kelly stoped there and got out. She went in and said she needed help. The owner let her use the phone to call the cops. After she did, soon they arrived. They picked her up and told her to show them the way back to the cabin.

She got in one of the cop cars and I did to. They drove back to the cabin and found Tom. Then some of them stayed there and the detective took Kelly to the station. No one knew I was there, except Kelly. I think she was able to feel me when I was with her by then. She told them everything, except the part about me being a ghost and helping her get out of there. Then they called her parents and mine down to the station.

Her parents hugged her and kissed her. My parents started to cry when they heared I didnt make it. I felt bad, I wanted to speak out and tell them I loved them and not to cry, but I decided not to do it there. Kellys parents and mine left at the same time. I got in the back seat with mine and wondered if I would ever see Kelly again.

I went home with them and when we got home they went inside. They started crying again as soon as they got in. My dad hugged my mom and I just stood there. I decided now was the time to talk. I said "Mom.. Dad!" They looked up and around trying to figure out whos said that. I said "Its me, Carly. Im here, only im a ghost."

Then I made myself visible to them and they looked at me in shock. They stoped hugging and turned to me, just staring. I said "Please dont cry for me, im fine. I missed you and I love you guys so much!" They just stood there in shock for a little longer. Then my mom said "Baby, I love you so much. I wish I could of killed that b a s t a r d myslef.!" Then my dad said "Sweety, what did he do to you!?" I told them everything and told them not to worry.

They just stood there, not knowing what to say or do. I started to feel myself slipping away, perminately. I wouldnt be able to stay visible or stay there at all much longer. I said "I love you guys so much, but I cant stay here. I must go to my final resting place. You'll probably wanna find my body, so its burried half a mile north from the cabin. I have one final wish before I go, please dont lose touch with Kelly and her parents, for me, please. Kelly became my best friend, so please stay in touch!"

Then I saw the light, I walked into it as my parents watched. Soon I was in the sky, looking out over everything. Watching over my parents. My mom started crying again. Then they left to tell the detective everything and where my body was. After that they went and dug it up. They decided to have a proper funeral, with the casket closed.

The day of the funeral Kelly and her parents came. It made me happy and my parents told Kelly and her parents what I said. They agreed to stay in touch with eachother. Kelly started crying, a mixture of happy and sad tears. It made me cry and then it started raining on everybody. My parents, Kellys parents and Kelly all looked up and the sky and smiled.

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