In this story I play Carly. A guy named Tom kldnaps me and uses me as his B****. Then after he gets tired of me he just kills me. I get him back by haunting him and making him regret what he did.

Chapter 1

Home alone

It was June 1, 2011, The last day of school and also my parents anniversery. I was so glad school was over, eventhough I knew I was gonna miss it when I turned out to finally get bored. That night my parents left me home alone, Which is something they rarely did. They only did that night, because it was there anniversery. They got dressed up and went to a fancy restaurant for dinner.

As soon as they left I called one of my friends to see if they could come over, but they said there mom wouldnt let them. So we just emailed eachother the for a while. It started to get late and I was tired so I decided to take a shower and get ready for bed. While I was in the shower I heard a weired noise, it kind of creeped me out because it sounded like someone else was in the house and I knew it couldnt be my mom or dad because they werent coming back that night. So I just ignored it. Then when I wasnt looking someone walked into the bathroom.

I turned around and he was standing right outside the shower. I screamed knowing no one would hear me. Then he jerked open the shower curtain and pulled me out of the shower. He put his hand over my mouth to hush me. Then he started to feel my b o o b s. I tried to fight him, but he was to strong for me.

Then he pulled out a gun and said if I tried anything he'd shoot me. After that he let me go and made me dry off. Then he made me walk to my bed room and put some cloths on. While I got dressed he stood in the door way and stared at me. After that he told me to sit on my bed and I did as he said. Then he said he'd be right back and left my room.

I thought about calling the police but as soon as I was about to do it he came back. He had a drink, It looked like water, But it wasnt. He told me to drink it, but I wouldnt. He tryed to froce me to drink it, but he couldnt get me to. So then he pulled out his gun and held it to my head. He told me to drink it and said if I didnt he would klll me. So I did as he told me to and drank it.

Soon after I drank it I started to feel sleepy. I also started hallucinating. He made me lay down on my bed and told me to just go to sleep. I tryed hard not to fall asleep, But I couldnt stop myself. I couldnt even move anymore. I felt him lean over me and then he whispered in my ear "Your gonna be my B**** wheather you like it or not!" Then I blacked out....... TBC

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