1D love story

hey everyone its your choice on what happens


name: Kate
Age: 18
Profile: main character

Name: Aaron
Age: 19
Profile: Izzy's boyfriend

Name: Izzy
Age: 18
Profile: Kates Bff

Name: nathan
Profile: Kates boyfriend

Chapter 1

love at frist sight

Kates P.O.V

"omg its really them" i yell to my bff over the croud
" it could be someone acting to be them" she yells back
"can we go now " both our boyfriends ask in time to each other
" ok, but you are tacking us to the concert right" i ask questionly
" yes my love" replies nathan rolling his eyes
20 minutes later
" NATHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yell as I try to serve the car around the semmi double truck, but then nocting its to late. Then everything goes black...

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