Top Ten Things Most Teen Boys Do Wrong.

Oh gees XD

Chapter 1

Top Ten

10) When men or boys decide to have a party, they invite everyone to watch maybe one episode of sports. Or they have a party, and all they do is chase the girl with the tighest dress.

9) Tell girls they're sexxy and not beautiful.

8) When a girl goes through all that work to look awesome and the guy doesnt
say anything.

7) When a guy goes on a date and the girl pays.

6) When a guy trys to kiss a girl ON THE FIRST DATE and magically his hand
magically falls to her butt.

5) When they're playing sports and when thet win the do their "sexy" victory dance in front of a girls face.

4) When guys persuade girls to drink.

3) When guys gets a girl pregnant and then leaves her.

2) When guys get a teen pregnant.

1) Sexxual and/or physical abuse.

Just saying. XD But I know most boys on Quibblo atleast might do one of these . Few though :)


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