At the field trip.....

hey! so this is like what happened at my field trip the other day :)

Chapter 1

Field Trip!!!

by: Carrie_
A One Direction song comes on the radio......
-my teacher shakes his head and probably thinking, " OMG...."
-and people start singing.......badly

I was making people explode or get hit with a boulder on someone's ipod :)

So i was playing with someone's ipod and he had this "birthday game". So i had to pick my birthday month, day, and color of the shirt i was wearing and this is what i got....
~I shot a fork because I was high and/or I shot a fork because I'm stupid~ (i wore a white and purple shirt so i did it twice) lol

My friend got: "I gave my number to a goat because I'm hot and could do whatever I want." lol

i did my sister and she got: "I hugged my sister because I was drunk..." o.O

You know what else me and my friends did on the bus?? .......Play MASH, of course!!!! So i did the dude with the ipod and he marries his AWKWARD....... I also did it to a guy behind me and I said that he will have 33 kids and he said, "Sweeeeet" and then I said the girl he was marrying and then he was like "NOOOOOOO" and he told the girl and she was like "NOOOOOOO"

Ok so yet again, i was playing with the dude's ipod and this time i was taking a video and I told him to smile. So he did and i was making up excuses like "Oh, wait....hold on...the bus is shaking....waaaitt...and...oh,no...wait..." lol and so he was smiling for like 2 minutes.... we went to a baseball game and we left during the 5th inning... :( It was also drizzling a bit and I got cold and tired......and wet....I got an autograph from the mascot :) My school caught the most foul balls... only because the people on the field like coaches and staff threw them at us. I almost got a free t-shirt but the dude in front of me extended his hand but it landed in front of the girl next to him so she gave it to the guy next to her.... :( And 2 guys from my school got a foul ball by a random dude in the stadium....

and yeah....that was it basically..... :)


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