I Love You Charleigh

Chapter 1

My Gurrrrrl

I Love You Charleigh.
I Love Your Smile. I Love Your Quizzes/Stories. I Love How You Always Find Away To Make Me Smile In The Worst Of Times. How You Always Brought Our Friendship Back Together After I Would Screw It Up Over Texting. I Love How You Would Threaten Robyn, Branden && I With Hugs Or Tickle Tackles If We Didn't Smile. No One Else Understands Me Like You Do. I Never Have To Fully Explain My Situation For You To Be There For Me && Listen. We've Been Friends For A Few Years Now && Look At Us. We're Closer Then Ever && Know Just About Everything About Each Other. I Love How We Have So Much In Common. Cats. Harry Potter. Music. Meat xD But Most Importantly Books. I'm Not Afraid To Be Myself Around You. && I Just Want To Thank You For Always There. If I Had A Peice Of Chocolate For Everytime You Say "Dun Make Me March Over There && Attack You" I'd Be Very Fat.! Anyway..
I Love You. That Just About Sums This Whole Thing Up. c:


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