Stuff on my mind/thoughts and the sorts. (READ CHAP. 1. NAO.)

I don't enjoy ranting online. I don't enjoy bottling shi1t up. But can we all get some goddamn crap straight? Yeah? Thank you.

“Are you on our side...and want to be different, or are you on that side and want to throw a football at my head!?” 
― Gerard Way

Chapter 2

Let's get things straight? Cause I'm not! From Narniaaa!

'Nother thing I'm tired of saying or people asking? (alright, not that much!)
Might be a "shocker" to some, other not so much, and some already know. But I just wanna clear shi1t up cause I'm tired of being locked up!
I am bi.
Bi-freakin-sexual, I am.
Yeah just got that over with huh?
Note to my friends in real: cool your butts. Trust me, no offense or anything, but none of you are really my type sweat drop I love y'all like siblings/cousins or aunt in some cases! xD Anyways, yeah. Not so awkward huh? xD

Oh! Another thing!! I'm Taken! forgot to mention it? So another reason why y'all can calm down! She's here on quibblo! Her username right now is Team_Andy (Her name, with mine adds up to that, mind you). She's on my top friend list if you wanna look for her. She's Really nice. We've been together since a month and 7 days!! :D

IM OUT OF NARNIA WOOH! xD Dunno if I'll regret saying it or hatever but oh well!
Also! It's Pride Month! So woot! HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!

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