An Avengers Love Story

I am going to stink at this, but i hope you like it....

Chapter 1

My Character.

I made my own "avenger girl" up. If you dont like how i made my girl, comment what you would like changed and i will reconsider :)

Name: Destiny Cher Steele.

Hero Name: Destiny (She doesnt have an actual hero name besides her real name)

Powers: (she is unique... she has tons of powers) Strength, Invisibility, Speed, Good with weapons and combat, shape shift, good distracter/pursuader (not an power but it is an advantage), shield (not a metal one like Captain America... its just a blue seal type of thing), Teeth can change to animal (whereas if she bites you when she is really angry it will hurt Badly), magnetism, x-ray vision, and can turn into a mermaid.
(pretty much the only power she does NOT have is flying. well she never tries to fly anyways)
Also since she is so unique and probably has all of the powers of the Avengers, The justice league or whatever, Thor is not the only one who can pick up his own hammer. Since he is the only one he can he says. Destiny can pick it up. That is how unusual she can be.

Her background
She has a bad past, she used to be a killer and take advantage of her unique powers. She has one daughter from her husband (now divorced), which is part of her past.
Destiny is more like a human and for years she never used her powers because she felt out of place until the Avengers walked into her life.
It is hard for Destiny to maintain her powers though. She used to be good with her powers until Loki took charge of her. He put some of his tesseract in her to make her his slave and companion and help him take over the world until one day she recovered. But ever since then, her powers are used by tesseract as her energy sourse kind of. If she gets really angry and pissed off, her eyes will change to a light blue and she goes against the Avengers because of Loki's spell.
Destiny's father is the devil in h--l; who is always rude and intiminating.
Destiny's mother is the angle in heaven; who is young and sweet and always wears white. They come down/up to earth every now and then, but Destiny doesnt appriecate their company because they usually humiliate her.
She has three brothers and one sister. Her three brothers names are Nicky, Chester, and Zave. They all live in h--l with their father. Nicky is a good boy and belongs in heaven but gets bullied a lot by Chester and Zave. His mouth is crooked from when Chester hit him hard with his hand. Chester and Zave are bad. Duh. They can look at you and put words in your mouth without you realizing it. Be careful making eye contact with them because they can make you punch yourself or whatever by looking at you. Destiny's sister's name is Gabrielle. She is older than Destiny and is married to a guy named Ashton who is Destiny's divorced husband's twin brother. Gabrielle has a little girl who is 1 year old. Gabrielle is kind out of place in the family she was placed in. She is a human and has no supernatural powers at all. It is remains a mystery why she does not have any powers like her sister, Destiny.
Destiny is very very flirty.
Destiny does get older in age but her looks stays the same, because of her being half angel.

Hero Outfit
Destiny doesnt have an actual outfit but she loves showing skin. She has a model's body. She is skinny with light biceps and has pretty much the perfect sized brea-t and b-tt (js.).
She probably would wear something like short shorts or silky leggings as bottoms. With like a tank top or a short silk shirt.

I forgot... Destiny's look
She has long blonde hair. She has blue eyes. She is pretty tall and has a perfect body... no surgery or fake in her. She has a light tan. Not dark but she isnt pale.

I think that is all you need to know about Destiny. Intresting, eh?

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