Fall For You.....(One Direction Love Story)

Fall For You.....(One Direction Love Story)

Hope You Guys Like It:-)

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Chapter 1

Character/ The Surprise

Name: Isabella Marie Botticelli
Age: 18
Ethnic: Italian
Bio: Is a singer, was signed to Syco Records when she was sixteen. She is very famous, known all around the world.
Personality: Out-going, flirty, loves life!


"So, when were you going to tell me about this contest?,"I asked my manager, Scott. He practecly doesn't tell me anything, what a manager!
"Today,"he replied popping a grape into his mouth. I rolled my eyes, I seriously need a new manager.
"So, you were going to me today, when one of the guys came in and said oh hey there, I won so I get to do a duet with you? ,"I asked annoyed.
He had arranged a fan contest. My fans got to choose who from One Direction would get to sing a duet with me, and today the winner would be announced.
"Yeah, go get ready, we are on air in two hours,"replied Scott with a smirk,"Your stylist are waiting for you. And don't get mad, they're boys after all, don't you just love boys?"
He walked out, leaving me there all alone with my thoughts. I felt my hands clench and unclench.
I walked down the hall and entered the room for make up and wardrobe. They started with the outfit. ( http://www.quibblo.com/user/Someone_Like_You/photoalbum/1787445. Not Mine, Found It On Google!)
My hair came next, Megan simply curled it up. Then my make up, mostly natural colors. Once done I looked at myself, beautiful!
"Thanks guys,"I called out as I walked out of there. I continue to walk, the interview would be here in Syco Records, once in front of the room I took in a deep breath and put on my best sile. Opening the door, I heard the room filled with conversations.
"There she is,"exclaimed my manager with so much fake glee that only I could tell.
"Here I am,"I replied waving.
"Introduce yourself to the boys,"whispered my manager. I looked at him and rolled my eyes.
One more month, just one more month, and his contract is done, I thought to myself.
"Hello boys, my name is Isabella Marie Botticelli,"I smiled as I walked towards them. They were all cute, this could be fun!
"Yeah we know, huge fans,"replied the blonde one.
"Thanks,"I replied with a little squeak while bating my eyes. They all looked at each other and smiled.
"Well, I'm Harry,"said the curly hair one, then they all started introducing themselves.
"Its really nice to meet you boys, maybe after this, we can all hang out?,"I asked them.
I could tell this took them by surprise, probably weren't expecting that Isabella would asked them to hang out. A lot of people think that.
"Uh-,"started to say Zyan but Harry interupted him.
"We would love to beautiful,"said Harry with a wink. He must be the flirter, nice!
We continue to talk, they were really nice guys. They told me how everything was going, and that they were excited that one of them was going to record a duet with me, saying it would boost their careers up.
"Okay, we are on in one minute,"said the camera guy. It took us all by surprised, but quickly settle down. My manager quickly sat by me, I rolled my eyes, always wanting to be on t.v.
"Good morning world,"our host said into the camera, so this is being transmited world wide,"today we would be annoucing the winner who would be singing a duet with Isabella. Who will it be? Will it be Harry? Liam? Niall? Louis? Or Zyan? Stay tune we would fine out."
As she said their names girls screamed for their favorite. As they passed the camera infront of me I smiled, waved, and gave it a flirty wink.

"And we are back,"said Harmony, our host,"so guy, how would you feel if you won a chance to record a duet with UK's sweetheart, soon to be America's sweethear?"
"It would be a dream come true, for any of us,"exclaimed Liam,"We all admire her, she's were we want to be!"
I smiled as he said, boys can be so sweet.
"And what do you have to say about that Isabella?,"she asked as she turned to look at me.
"Believe me you'll get there, you guys are talented and there no doubt about that!,"I simply replid with a sweet smile.
"Wow, that's another dream come true there,"said Harry, our of nowhere, to hear the best of the best saying that we have talent...I mean, just wow!"
"Okay, so who's ready to hear the results?,"she asked the crowd filled with teenagers. They all started to scream, but you could only hear the girls, with their high pitch screams.
"Okay, let's see here....oh, not who I thought would win, but you're winner is...."she started to say, keeping all of us in the edge of our seats,"Going to be revealed after this commercial break."
The whole crowd let out a sigh of frustration, and so did we. I hate it when tv show do that! But I guess we'll find out soon enough......

So Who Do You Think It Would Be? Who Do You Think Isabella Shoukd Fall For What Do You Think

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