My weird omegle coversations

I was bored, and I thought this was weird, so I decided to post it XD

Chapter 1

1st convo

Warning: I will sound like a jerk in this, but I was bored, and only jokeing, so no haters on this please :) thank you very much

You: hey

Stranger: I love you

You: haha love you too

Stranger: Where have you been? Why haven't you come home

You: because I dont care about you

Stranger: What? Why don't you?

Stranger: I thought you loved me..

You: because

Stranger: What did I do?

You: nothing

Stranger: Then why don't you care? I've been waiting for you to come..

You: yeah well im with some friends

Stranger: Where? I'll come to you.

You: at a place

Stranger: I've missed you so much please just come see me or I'll come see you.

You: you'd have to find me

Stranger: I won't have people trying to take me in the process of finding you will I?

You: I dont think so XD

Stranger: YES! Okay, I'll find you.

You: ummm ok stalker jk

Stranger: Why can't you just tell me where you are?

You: cause thats no fun

Stranger: Do you not want me to meet your hot friends? Afraid one of them is better for me than you.

You: nah I wouldnt mind if one of them took you away from me, Id acually encourage it :)

Technical error: Lost connection with server. Sorry. :( Omegle understands if you hate it now, but Omegle still loves you.

the part with omegle still loves you is the weirdst part lol XD
I don't want you to love me omegle

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