The Witches of Witch High (Old Version_Read Intro!)

I wrote this story when I was just in 3rd grade so it isn't good. I will be writing a new version later :)
I didn't think a 3rd grader like me spelled barley like broley.. :3
I don't care if you complain about how bad it was.. I will be complaining with you.
Note that I am writing EXACTLY what it says in the story. My auto correction is off!

Chapter 1

The new girl in school

It took just 10 to get to Texas to Wisconsin. "We're here" my mom yelled. I got out of the car and got my suitcases. My mom got the key of our new house. "Wow" I mumbled to myself "Big". My mom unpacked everything while I unpacked my room. I put my posters up and the movers put the heavy furniture in its place. While mom made dinner I wrote in my diary.

Dear Diary,
I'm in my new room. I wish I was back home in Texas writing in you. Dinner is ready.

Dear Diary,
I'm back I hate my new room! It's so small! There's one window and the bed broley fits. Half of my stuff is in Texas. I miss my old house. I miss my friends. I miss everything. Got to sleep.

As soon as I woke up I got a call. It was my best friend! "Hey!" she said "Hi" I said "What's wrong?" "Nothing and I got to get ready school. Bye." I packed my backpack and ran downstairs to eat. I heard the bus horn. I ran to the bus and sat next to two girls giggling at me. They stared whispering and giggling at me again. When we got to the school the girls looked like they were flying a little. I walked out of the us and sombody triped me and when I looked up he was so pale he was cute. I tried not to stare but I couldn't help myself. I ran away quickly. "You must be Linda." A girl's voice said to me. I truned around. It was the girls I sat by in the bus. "It's Leah" I said quietly. I'm Samantha and thats Madison. "Where's your class" Madison said "Biology" I said "Us too" Samantha said "I'll show you the way." "Me too" Madison pipped in. They sat together so I was all alone. I sat next to the boy from the bus."Hello, Are you Leah? I'm Taylor." He said in a quiet voice. "Yea, I'm Leah." Biology didn't take long. I ran out of the room and Samantha and Madison followed "OMG you just talked to my brother" screamed Samantha. "He's so pale" I said. As we walked to the lunch room I read the menu. I turned around and Taylor was staring at me. A group of people came in. The girl looked like the leader. She had blonde hair in a bun and red eyes as fire. She smiled and nodded at Madison. Madison nodded back. Madison and Samantha said they could come over. As soon as I got home I wrote in my diary.

Dear Diary,
I made some new friends at school. And I think somebody has a crush on me!

"Who was that girl you were talking to at lunch"I asked Madison She was whispering to Samantha. "Her name is Alex and we have something to tell you she said.

AN: This was a HORRIBLE story. I am soo tempted to use my check grammar and spelling button!! Chapter 2 is coming up later. Here's a question readers, Should post my new version on her or on a separate story? Should I even write it now or should I wait till this story ends?
Thanks for reading!! :)

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