Hogwarts A Love Story

Hogwarts A Love Story

Hello people! ^^ This is my first story. Please give good comments or no comments! Thnx!!! ^^

Chapter 1

Love at first sight?

by: Girlteam
I was nervous...positively sweating. I looked around me for the 50th time, no exaggeration. I looked around. There was the famous Harry Potter, even I could figure that out. Next to him was a redhead with freckles. He was undoubtedly a Weasley. I wiped my hands on my robe. I had nothing to worry me, as my father had reassured me. After all, I was a half-blood. And my muggle mother had been so actively participating in the wizard world that she could be called a witch if needed. Then, something caught my eye. A sly boy with silverish-whitish-goldish colored hair. This was Draco Malfoy. My father had said that he was coming to Hogwarts as well. But...I felt my tired heart do a little jump. I instantly caught myself. Draco is a person to be friends with, not a...I didn't think of it but it still came. Boyfriend. I ignored the feeling and decided it was due to my nervousness. The Malfoy family was a strongly known disguised Death Eater family. Still, my eyes kept wandering over to him. I saw him look at me; he raised his eyebrows. About a minute later, Draco challenged Harry Potter for better friends. Despite all my bad feelings toward the Malfoy family, I couldn't help but being impressed on his boldness. When he rejected, he instantly slid back into the crowd, next to me...

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