Who Do You Think You Are? -- One Direction Story

Every situation has a positive and negative effect on you ~ Unknown

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Hi, I am Morgan lee, but I usually go by Lee by family or friends. My parents are VERY rich. We have a mansion, in London, that has like 30 rooms in it. I've lived there my whole life, and still haven't been in every single room. It was quite creepy. Oh, by the way, I am 17, going onto 18 in August. August 21, to be exact. My best friend is Megan. I call her Megs. Anyways, that's basically all you need to know! Bye :)

~Lee (http://media.photobucket.com/image/girl%20with%20long%20brown%20hair%20and%20green%20eyes/XxXRawrzzzXxX/girlish-girl-portrait-eyes-face-green-cute-smile-brunette-sexy-lips-peutiful-had-girls-tjbwolf-Portrait-of-a-Woman-PAUL-MCQUEEN-ALBUM_large1.jpg)

Morgan's P.O.V

Mum: Lee!
Me: I'm coming mother
I walked down my very long hallway from my room.

As I got into the downstairs part of the house, I saw my mum at the door. She was talking to 5 cute boys. I tripped over the chair, eyeing them carefully. I fell on the floor. I stubbed my toe really badly
Me: holy mother of crackers!
My mum turned around and smiled.
Mum: there she is!
All of the boys jaws dropped. Did I look bad or something? My mum coughed and broke the awkward silence.
Me: oh, I'm so sorry. I'm Morgan lee, but I like to go by lee
I smiled as I shook all of their hands, not knowing what they were doin at my house. All five of them said their names as I shook them. Liam, I think was his name, was last. He shook my hand for a longer time than he others. I let myself smile inside. My mum then said something, making us break.
Mum: lee, as you know, your father and I are going on vacation to Hawaii, and these boys needed somewhere to live while they try to look for a new home.
I blushed. Oh man, was I really going to be living with these creatures. They were to perfect to be called human. All of them, including my mum, were just staring at me, as I looked into nowhere. I snapped out of it.
Me: oh, that sounds great. Guess we will be getting to know eachother pretty well then.
I laughed and so did they. My mum kissed my cheek and my dad ran downstairs.
I chuckled and my dad quickly kissed my cheek as well.
Mum: we will be bac soon, love. Be good to them!
They ran into the car. I motioned the boys to sit on the couch with me.
Liam: do you not know who we are?
I looked confused
Me: 5 boys that are living with me?
They laughed slightly, then became serious.
Louis: we are the hottest boy band right now, One Direction.
Me: I've never heard of it
They looked at eachother.
Harry: we are very famous, that's all you need to know right now. So if you get any hate soon, that's rather reason. People will be jealous, if they ever find out.
My jaw dropped slightly, looking at them. I was going to be in the same house as famous people. I re-situated myself, and managed to slip something out of my mouth.
Me: let me show your guys room.
I turned around and went down the long hallways, occasionally looking back to see if they were there. I opened one of the many doors, and watched their jaws drop. I just laughed. ( the room......http://www.melody-hostel.com/rooms_2.html..... The six bed dorm )
Louis: we are going to have so much fun here!
He highfived Harry, and they ran around.
Me: okay, if you guys need anything, just text me, or go to my room.
They nodded, and I smiled walking out. I went down the hall, to my room, and layed down in my bed, whatching Adventure Time. I picked up my phone and I had a new message.


better whatch your back pretty girl. I'm watching you...

I shivered at the text, slightly scared. I decided it off, and went into a deep sleep.

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