There's No Place Like Home - Except Maybe The Arena. The 74th Hunger Games in Thresh's POV

Hi people! this is the 74th Hunger Games in Thresh's POV. I decided we needed one cuz he's like the only tribute that doesn't have one. There's even one in Glimmer's POV! Nothing against Glimmer, it's just that Thresh makes it so much farther. I'm doing the first chapter, then my friend Beth (a.k.a. Rue_And_Thresh) is doing chapter 2, then I'm doing 3, etc. please comment if you like it and give us advice! And I will only write more if you send me cookies! jk. but that would be nice, though :)

Chapter 3

The Train Ride part 1

The train ride is pretty long so I'll write the first part, then you can write the next part of it and when they arrive in the Capitol, k, Beth? love u!

I have no other visitors, so the Peacekeepers "escort" more like "shove" me to the wagon that I'm going to the train station in. I sit there, waiting for the other members of my 'team', and Rue. She arrives a couple minutes later, her face pale, tears running down her cheeks. Imersila arrives a couple minutes later, and the wagon begins the 5 minute journey.

I take one last look out the window at my district, which I will probably never see again. I can't get the thought out of my head that only 1 of us can come back to this awful place. Probably neither of us. But I cling to that one tiny tendril of hope that says Rue can come back. Maybe she can hide, and wait everyone out. She's the best in District 11 at Hide and Seek. I have to smile a little at this. She makes herself invisible without even trying, and, even better, has the unnatural talent of jumping from tree to tree. Daisy does too. They used to play 'Tree Tag", where they would plat tag, jumping from tree to tree. Mom would tell me not to let them, cause she was worried they would fall. I let them. I knew better. I swear those girls are half squirrel. The wagon stops, and we are pushed, ahem, escorted, into a train car, and, just like that, pulling away.

Eventually, Imersila leaves, to go "grab a coffee and find your mentors, sweet children." ugh. I glance over at Rue, who is sitting perfectly motionless, staring at the wall. This is another one of her talents - staying perfectly still for insane amounts of time. I wonder if she's trying to communicate with Daisy.

"Rue." I whisper. "Yes?" she says, in a barely audible voice. "You're going to win, you know that, right?" I tell her. "No, I'm not." She says. "You are." "Nope, It's going to be you" I counter. "No, you." "You." "NO, you" "YOU!" we argue back and forth until we burst out laughing. It almost feels like we are back in District 11, arguing over some pointless childish thing. But we're not. We're arguing over our lives. The idea sends a huge shiver down my back.

Imersila returns, two people walking behind her. She introduces them in a sickly - sweet voice as "Seeder and Chaff, your mentors, children." Then she runs off.

Seeder smiles at us with sympathy. Chaff murmurs something about bacon and slumps down on the couch beside us. Disgusted, Rue scooches over closer to me. I wrap my arm around her. Seeder says, "Welcome, kids." Oh, well. At least it's better than "darling children."

"Which one of you will I be mentoring this year?" Seeder asks. I glance over at Chaff, unconscious on the couch, and then look up at Seeder again. Rue will have a much better chance with Seeder. "I'll take Chaff." I say. Rue looks surprised, then nods. "I'll be with Seeder, then." "Well, come on, then, kids, let's go see the rest of the train!" Seeder exclaims. "What about Chaff?" I ask. "Oh, he's always like this." Seeder replies. "Leave him be, and he'll come to and join us later."

Rue and I follow Seeder out to the next car. "So this will be your room for the night, Rue." She says, flinging the door open. Rue gasps in pleasure at the large and beautiful room. Seeder shows me into the room bedside Rue's, and I do have to admit, It's pretty cool. I walk around, looking at the features. A shower, a bed, a television, a table with a feast on it. It looked so good, but i felt too sick to eat anything. I looked across the room to the bed. It was covered in pillows, and it looked like I would sink right into it if I laid down. It looked so comfy, and an idea occurred to me. I glanced over at the Avox in the corner, who was watching me carefully. I glance over at the bed again. Ah, what the heck. I'm going to die in a week anyways. I run, then fling myself onto the bed. Wow, it is ever comfortable. I sit up, then look out the window. We are just leaving the edge of District 11. I look for the last time at the sign that marks the border. "District 11. Agriculture." A tear slides down my cheek. "Bye, District 11." I whisper.

So there you have it, folks! the end of chapter three! what will happen next? well, it's all up to Beth now! Until chapter 5, that is. then it's mine again!!!! mwahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry, Beth!

~ Sarah

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