There's No Place Like Home - Except Maybe The Arena. The 74th Hunger Games in Thresh's POV

Hi people! this is the 74th Hunger Games in Thresh's POV. I decided we needed one cuz he's like the only tribute that doesn't have one. There's even one in Glimmer's POV! Nothing against Glimmer, it's just that Thresh makes it so much farther. I'm doing the first chapter, then my friend Beth (a.k.a. Rue_And_Thresh) is doing chapter 2, then I'm doing 3, etc. please comment if you like it and give us advice! And I will only write more if you send me cookies! jk. but that would be nice, though :)

Chapter 2

Nothing will be Ok again.

I mount the stage, noticing the fear in Rue's eyes. I feel terrible. Rue and me, having to kill each other in just a matter of weeks. I search the crowd for my mother, who is sobbing desperately. Daisy and Rue and giving each other telepathic looks. I always thought they were telepathic, ever since they stared at each other for the first time. Rue breaks from Daisy and looks at me. A tear rolls down her cheek. I badly want to wipe that tear away, to hug her, to brush her soft brown hair away and tell her, that everything will be Ok.

But it won't. Not ever again.

Imersila gets impatient, so she beams. "Any volunteers for this lovely little girl?" She brushes Rue's hair out of her face, making me filled with rage. Imersila doesn't touch my cousin. NOBODY does. (Apart from family!)

"No?" Her eyebrows knit together. That's probably another thing that annoys me about the Capitol. Their eyebrows are so perfect. I have more reasons:

1. They always talk in a posh voice.
2. They always talk to the younger tributes like babies (Poor Rue!)
3. They judge the tributes on how scared they are of the Games.
4. They are always WAY to excited. (About EVERYTHING.)
5. They praise President Snow like the creator of the World.
6. They have weird styles.
7. Their hair looks like a birds nest.
8. THEIR children don't have to go into the Games.

There are about 100 more reasons why. I'm not going to explain now.
"Any tributes for Thresh?" Imersila asks, smiling at me seductively. I shiver inside. Rue looks disgusted. I understand why. Imersila is about 20. She obviously thinks that she looks younger than she is. I silently laugh at that.

I look around at the other boys. They all give me pitying looks. I look at the girls. They all look at me lovingly. All of the girls have liked me for some reason, now including Imersila. I haven't liked anyone but Lilly. She's my only true love. When I die in these games I'll be with Lilly. Rue WILL win. But I think it's time to face it. She's small enough for bloodbath. I won't let her. I love her. She's my cousin.

"No?" She sighs. "Well then, let's welcome out tributes for the 74th Hunger Games, Rue and Thresh Catalpa!" We shake hands. Rue nearly breaks down into hysterical sobs, but doesn't. We are escorted off. When the crowd of District 11 can't see us, I hug Rue tightly. She starts to cry.

"I'm sorry you got reaped. But you're going to win. For us." I speak harsh but softly. She nods. "I'll see you on the train." I yell as the peacekeepers break us apart. I feel so enraged by the Capitol. Why did we have these Hunger Games? I never bothered to listen why, but little girls like Rue don't deserve to die. Don't deserve to be here though. Should be in another place. Out of Panem.

I get thrown into a room where I say goodbye to my family. My family cry and hug me. Daisy flings into my arms, crying. "Promise me you'll both come home." I nod, but it's impossible. Two tributes cannot triumph.

As soon as my family leaves, it then hits me.

Nothing will certainly be Ok again.

Thanks for reading! It means a lot. I love doing these stories with Sarah, they're great fun! Anyways, sorry if this is sad, or has lots of exclamation points, I'm one of those people who gets excited easily. :) Anyways, it's up to you Sarah! Good Luck! :)

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