There's No Place Like Home - Except Maybe The Arena. The 74th Hunger Games in Thresh's POV

Hi people! this is the 74th Hunger Games in Thresh's POV. I decided we needed one cuz he's like the only tribute that doesn't have one. There's even one in Glimmer's POV! Nothing against Glimmer, it's just that Thresh makes it so much farther. I'm doing the first chapter, then my friend Beth (a.k.a. Rue_And_Thresh) is doing chapter 2, then I'm doing 3, etc. please comment if you like it and give us advice! And I will only write more if you send me cookies! jk. but that would be nice, though :)

Chapter 11

Bloodbath Day, Yay.

God, y'all probably think this story disappeared off the face of the earth. But alas, it did not. It was sitting in my drafts, waiting for me to haul my sorry self out of writer's block. And I finally have.. so here it is!

~ Sarah ♥♥♥


Wake up. Get dressed. Brush teeth. Eat breakfast. I go through the motions like a zombie, don't know why, maybe some weird part of me thinking that it will magically take me back to Eleven, with Rue, and we could go on as normal.

But no. I step into the hovercraft. I sit down. I let the tracker slide into my arm. I breathe. I stare at the wall. "What are YOU looking at?" sneers Clove. Oops. She sat down in my wall staring spot. I look out the window instead.

When my plate rises into the arena, I take deep breaths. My job is to get Rue out of the Bloodbath, even if I die, though that is not the preferred option.

The countdown begins.


Boom. I run. Dagger, a pack. I'll have to hope whatever I get is what I need to survive. I spot Rue, picking up a little burlap sack. I run over, pick her up, and run.

20 minutes later, I simply cannot run anymore. I stop, and put Rue down on a rock, my face pouring sweat and tears. Wait.. tears? What the heck? Then I look down and see Rue sobbing. "Why are you crying, Rue?" I ask, roughly wiping tears from my own face, hoping she didn't see. My crying is only going to make her sadder.

We sit down, sniff up our tears, and survey our supplies. We have my dagger, then, from my pack, 5 apples, a loaf of bread, and a bottle, which is filled with water. From Rue's sack, there's a pair of socks, a bunch of strawberries, and a waterskin, which is empty. Rue and I both eat and apple, and pack the bags back up.

We sit there for a while, watching the clouds. And then..

"Thresh." Rue whispers. "Yeah?" I answer. "Look." She says.

I look up. It's the boy from 10. He's huge, and right in front of us. He;s got a sword. I shove Rue behind me, and jump up, dagger in hand.

The boy laughs, and points at my hand. "You're going to protect yourself with THAT?" I look down. It's not a dagger at all, but a stick.

Wait.. then where is.. oh. My dagger's in the boy's hand. Great.

I have nothing, but a stick. Oh, well, better than nothing. I stab it into his eye before he can react. He screams, and drops the dagger, his hand flying to his eye, which has began to gush blood.

He runs away. I could leave him, but, if he recovers, he could chase us again. So I run after him, but eventually I realize he has no intention of coming back.

I walk back to our camp, where I know Rue will be waiting.

10 minutes later, I arrive. I don't see Rue. "RUE!" I scream. "RUE!" Then I realize that if she's anywhere close to me, I will have just brought on any attackers within hearing distance. Oops. So I stop screaming, and walk everywhere, whispering her name. But soon, I give up. There's no use.

She's gone.

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