Lasting Love: a Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley Love Story

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Chapter 1

Chapter One

by: ValeDecem
Ginny walked along the stone sidewalk in Diagon Alley, smiling and thinking to herself. It was a magnificent day out, the sun was bright, there was a gentle cool breeze coating her, and everyone was talking cheerfully, well almost everyone.
"I hate shopping." Draco mumbled to her as he sulked behind Ginny, carrying her bags of clothes and other things.
"We nearly finished." She said sighing and rolling her eyes. He was ruining her good mood with his grumbling. She passed Fred and George's joke shop, that George shut down after Fred died. She touched the door handle pushed gently on it. The door creaked open and dust swirled around in the air. Ginny coughed and waved it away.
"I can't believe it's been two years since this was open." Draco said putting the bags on the ground and looking around at the high ceilings and shelves coats in a thick layer of dust.
"I don't blame him for shutting it down. It wouldn't have been the same with Fred gone." Ginny said running her hand along the front counter.
"Oi, what do you think you're doing in here?" George shouted coming from the back room.
"Hi." Ginny smiled. George smiled sheepishly for yelling at her.
"Sorry, I didn't know it was you." He said. She gave him a tight hug and nodded.
"It's fine. We've been shopping. Though we'd stop by and visit the shop for a moment." She said.
"Correction, your sister has been shopping. I've been carrying her bags." Draco said shaking George's hand. George smiled and shook his head.
"I feel bad for you mate. Gin-gin's terrible when it comes to shopping." George said. Ginny grimaced at the use of her nickname that Fred and George used when she was younger.
"I am not." She said walking away and up to the next level.
"So what are you doing here anyways?" Ginny shouted after a few minutes of scanning the old products, that were left on the shelves.
"I was thinking about reopening the shop." George said leaning against the banister. Draco turned to him shocked.
"Really?" He asked.
"Yeah, figured it's time. He wouldn't have wanted all this to go to waste." George said looking around at the merchandise he made with his twin brother.
"I think that's a great idea." Ginny shouted happily, leaning over the railing on the level above them.
"If you need any help. Just let me know. I'd be glad to help." Draco said clapping George on the shoulder.
"Thanks mate." George nodded, smiling a little.
"Gin we have to go. We have dinner with your mum and dad soon." Draco shouted up to her. He heard her groan and stomp towards the steps. She kissed George on the cheek lightly and headed out the door. Draco picked up her bags, but stopped at the door.
"Are you going to be there tonight?" He asked George. George ran his hand through his short hair, a force of habit since he had his long hair cut just a week ago. He sighed and shoved his hands in his pockets.
"I suppose. Who's all going to be there?" He asked Draco.
"Everyone." Draco said, he left and hurried to find Ginny.
"Not everyone." George mumbled before going back to the storage room.
"Ginevra will you just wait." Draco shouted from the bathroom. He was finishing up combing his hair, when Ginny started tapping her toe on the floor impatiently.
"You were the one who said we had the dinner soon." Ginny snapped. Draco set his comb down and walked out of the bathroom. He leaned against the doorway, and looked at Ginny. Her arms were crossed and she was still tapping her toe on the ground. He smiled when she started glaring at him.
"I know, let's go." He said kissing her lightly and grabbing his jacket. They walked down the stairs, hands held tightly together to the front door. They made their way to the designated apparating point by their house and apparated to the Burrow.
"So George is coming?" Ginny asked when they made it to the back door. She didn't open the door, she just stood there.
"Yes, Ginny, he said he was coming." Draco said opening the door instead. They made their way into the kitchen where Molly's home cooked meal filled their noses.
"Oh thank goodness, that's everyone." She said when she saw the two enter.
"Mum, George is coming." Ginny smiled. Molly's face lit up and a single tear rolled down her cheek. She turned back to her cooking, while Ginny and Draco walked into the living room. Ginny went straight for Teddy, whom everyone was crowding around as he played with the toy broomstick that Molly had magicked to only hover a few inches off the ground, so he couldn't break anything in the house.
"Oh I've missed you." She said picking him up and hugging him.
"Gin-gin." He giggled. She kissed his head gently and set him back down. Fleur rubbed her belly as she sat next to Bill on the couch.
"Soon little one, you'll be surrounded like that." She cooed. Bill just chuckled and smiled at Ginny.
"How's my second favorite brother?" Ginny asked falling down beside him.
"I assume your first would be me." Ron said looking up from playing with Teddy.
"Sure Ron." She smiled, when she turned back to Bill she shook her head no.
"I'm fine. Just preparing for the baby." He said laying his hand gently on Fleur's stomach.
"Good luck." Harry mumbled from the chair beside the fire. He looked tired and worn out.
"I thought you only had him during the weekends, and holiday's." Ginny said to him.
"I do, but for some reason he's decided to extremely active today and won't stop moving." Harry said rubbing his eyes.
"He's a boy, and he's two. They tend to be that way." Ginny said getting up hugging him. He sighed and hugged her back.
"Where's Mione?" She asked him.
"On her way. She needed to get something from home." He said.
"How have you been?" Ginny asked him. She knew that he still carried the burden of that day with him.
"Better than I used to be, I feel happier when I'm with Teddy especially, even if he tires me out." Harry smiled.
"Did Ginny tell you?" Draco asked walking over to them. He shook his head and looked at Ginny curiously.
"George is coming." She whispered. Harry's eyes went wide in shock.
"You're positive?" He asked looking at the two. They both nodded and smiled.
"What's going on?" Ron asked eavesdropping on them.
"Nothing Ron!" Ginny snapped. He looked at Harry, but he just shook his head.
"You're hiding something." Ron said crossing his arms.
"You'll find out later, Ron." Ginny said. Draco wrapped his arms around Ginny's waist, to calm her down, laying his hands on her stomach. Ron's ran to the kitchen to talk to Molly.
"What was he in such a rush about?" Hermione asked when she walked into the room.
"Who Ron?" Harry asked before her kissed her once and sat back down. She sat on the arm of the chair, and lay her arm around his shoulders.
"Yeah he nearly shoved me down. He needed to tell Molly something, I suppose." She shrugged.
"Huh, weird." Ginny said, Draco hugged her tighter to him and kissed her cheek. Everyone sat talking and waiting for dinner when a crash came from the kitchen. Immediately all wands were drawn and everyone ran to the kitchen, except for Fleur, Bill, Teddy, and Luna.
"What happened?" Harry said rushing in with everyone behind him. A bowl full of peas covered the floor where Molly was standing, frozen in her spot, as her eyes locked with George's. Harry's jaw fell slightly, along with everyone else's. They put their wands away and walked into the kitchen. Ginny and Hermione, cleaned up the mess while Molly still stood their frozen. Harry, Ron, and Draco walked over to Molly to make sure she was okay. No one said anything to George, until Teddy ran in shouting Georgie with his arms opened wide for him to be picked up.
"Hey buddy." George said picking him up and hugging him. Bill, Fleur, and Luna walked in and hesitated for a second before smiling at George.
"I wondered if Teddy said 'Georgie' or not." Bill said, being the first person who grasped the concept of George really being there, and walking over to him to hug him. George set Teddy down and hugged Billy tightly.
"Oh my baby." Molly said finally, tears running down her face. She ran to him and hugged him tighter than ever. Bill had to jump out of the way in fear he might get squished in the hug or pushed down.
"You know, three of your other children are in the room too." Ron mumbled, responding to her comment 'baby'. Ginny elbowed him and smiled at George.
"Evening all!" Arthur shouted coming in from the fireplace.
"We're in here." Molly shouted to him.
"Eating already..." He said, his voice drifting off when he noticed George. George walked over to him and hugged him, just as tight as he did Molly. When they pulled away Arthur's face was red and tears were falling.
"Good boy." Arthur whispered. He brushed the tears away and looked at everyone.
"Let's eat." He said. Everyone sat down. Harry sat beside Teddy, with Hermione beside Harry, and George beside her. Ginny sat between Draco and George, and Ron sat beside Draco, with Luna on his other side. Bill sat between Luna and Fleur, who sat beside Arthur next to Molly, who helped feed Teddy. Everyone chatted happily about their lives lately with each other. Ginny took Draco's hand in hers from under the table, and smiled at him. He traced a heart with his thumb on her hand and winked at her. Ron watched them both, and then nodded at Molly.
"So Ginevra, anything new, you'd like to discuss?" Molly asked her. Everyone looked at Ginny, she turned a light shade of red at the sudden attention.
"Not particularly, why?" She asked taking a sip of water.
"Well it's just I noticed you're not drinking any wine, just water." Molly said.
"Because I have to be up early in the morning." Ginny said furrowing her brow.
"Oh, of course." Molly said nodding. Ginny looked at her curiously and then locked eyes with Ron.
"You, what did you tell her?" She said through her teeth.
"Ginny, calm down." Draco whispered.
"Yes, stress could really hurt the baby." Molly said. Everyone gasped, silverware fell to the table and floor, tension grew so thick it could be cut with a knife.
"What?!" Ginny shouted at Molly and everyone else shouted at Ginny and Draco.
"Ron said you were..." Molly said breaking off her sentence when Ginny turned to Ron again and stood up.
"You told her I was pregnant!" She shouted at him.
"I..I thought that's what you were talking about with Harry." Ron stammered out.
"Why would you even assume that?" Draco asked, not as angry as Ginny was, but he was pretty steamed.
"You all were whispering, and Harry asked if you were positive, and you nodded and smiled. I thought he meant pregnant positive. Then the way Draco hugged you. I just assumed you were." Ron said standing up and moving away as Ginny got near him.
"I told him George was coming you idiot! I also told you that you would find out later, and surprisingly enough you did." Ginny shouted throwing her arm out towards George, who sat smiling in his spot. He missed the fighting.
"I didn't know. I'm sorry." Ron said still moving away form Ginny.
"You're sorry?! You just told our mother that I was pregnant because you assumed that I told Harry that. Don't you think I would have told everyone together and not just Harry first, or even my own mother first!" Ginny said still shouting at him, and moving closer.
"I'm sorry. I am." He said.
"You're going to be." Ginny growled running after him, they ran out into the cold dark lawn. Ginny pulled her wand out and shot a spell at him. He ducked and it hit a tree, making a hole through it.
"Ginny! Stop it!" Molly shouted after her.
"No, not until I murder him." Ginny said running after Ron still, and shooting spells at him. Ron ducked, and dodged her spells the best her could until her famous Bat Bogey Hex hit him. He ran around and yelled as the hex took effect. Ginny smiled and walked back to the house. Draco put his arm around her and chuckled along with Harry, Hermione, and nearly everyone else except for Luna, Molly and Arthur, who were trying to help him. When everything got settled down everyone gathered in the living room to let their food settle, and to relax. Molly passed out tea to everyone and things seemed back to normal.
"It's getting late. We need to get Teddy back to Andromeda." Harry said yawning and carrying a sleeping Teddy in his arms. Everyone said their goodbye to them and they left. Draco and Ginny sat beside each other holding hands, in front of the couch.
"We need to go to, I have to get up early." Ginny whispered, to Draco. He nodded and stood up, helping her up as well.
"We have to go to, I have to be up early remember. It was great seeing everyone." She smiled, hugging everyone, even Ron. They left for their house, slowly. They had just lay down in bed when Draco turned to Ginny.
"I was thinking." He began. She opened her eyes and looked at him.
"What?" She asked.
"That whole baby thing that happened. That was pretty insane, but what if it were true?" He asked her. She sat up and stared at him like he was crazy, he sat up and shook his head smiling.
"I said what if, not that we should." He said. reassuring her. She relaxed, a little, and thought about it.
"I have no clue. I'd at least like to be married first." She said.
"So I have to marry you?" Draco groaned. Ginny smacked his arm and lay back down.
"I'm just kidding. You know I would marry you in a heart beat." He said leaning over her and brushing her hair out of her face.
"Sure." Ginny mumbled. Draco brushed it away and went back to the topic at hand.
"So besides the fact that I have to marry you. You'd actually want to have a baby with me?" He asked her. She sat up again and looked at him sadly.
"Of course I would. I would marry you in a second, and have a baby with you too." Ginny said holding his hand.
"Not for my money and looks though right?" He asked smiling a little.
"Oh no, its definitely for the money and looks." She beamed. He grabbed her and kissed her roughly, (I'll let your mind deal with the rest). They both fell asleep that night in each other's arms, with the idea of babies on their brains.

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