One Chapter POVs: Divergent by Veronica Roth

So this is basically all based on the transfer initiates of the Dauntless Compound from the book Divergent. if you haven't read it, GO READ IT, NOW! It's an amazing book!
Each chapter will feature an initiate's POV.
I would like to dedicate this to AquaWater that loves this book just as much as i do. :)

Chapter 1

Christina's POV: Five Minutes

"Stop!," I scream. Molly kicks me in the side again. I clutch my rib cage. Sprawling on the ground, my lungs are deflated, fluttering in search for air again.
I put up my hand as though it's a stop sign.
"Stop! I'm..." I cough to catch a gulp of air. "I'm done," I gasp.
Molly shoots an evil smile toward me, revealing her crooked, yellow teeth.
The edges of my vision blur and darken.

Eric walks toward me with long, slow strides. He stands over me, as tall as the Hub, with his arms folded. "I'm sorry, what did you say? You're done?" he pronounces quietly.
I push myself to my knees, weakly. My hand lifts from the mat, leaving a red handprint behind. I pinch my nose tightly to slow the bleeding and nod.
"Get up," he says, not quite yelling. Well, what if i don't want to, Eric? Huh? I'm kinda BLEEDING TO DEATH! I think. He grabs my arm and yanks me up and drags me like a dog chew toy out the door.
"Follow me," he says, and the rest of the initiates follow us.
We arrive at the floor above the chasm. Eric shoves me toward the railing, "Climb over it."
My eyes widen and face pales,"What?" Maybe there's a small chance that he'll relent, but I doubt it.
"Climb over the railing," he says slowly with intensity in his tone. I shudder. It feels like someone just sent a pin of lightening down my back. "If you hang over the chasm for five minutes, I will forget your cowardice."
You've got to be kidding me. I think.
"if you can't," he continues, "I will not allow you to continue initiation."
I look down at the thin metal railing that will be my only chance of survival against the roaring waters below.

Right now, I'm either risking the chance of death or becoming factionless for the rest of my life.

"Fine," I manage to blurt with a shaky voice.
I swing my leg over the railing and put my toe on the ledge, then lift my other leg over. I wipe my hands on my pants nervously, and grip the railing so hard my knuckles turn a tint of purple and white mixed together.

I look at Tris. Her upper lip grips the other, as if trying to hold in a scream. I hear Al turn on the timer on his watch. I look at Will, who I secretly have a crush on. His sweet expression, his kind personality, his handsome features all stop me from breathing. He brushes his hair back and breathes in and out heavily. His chest falling and rising.

A wave hits the wall and foam is sprayed on my back. My face strikes the barrier and squeal with pain. I'm holding by my fingertips, as I attempt to get a better grip on the railing.

What if I don't make it? What if I fall to my death in the waters below?I'll never be able to have that girl talk with Tris about boys like I used to do with my friends back in my old faction. I'll never be able to tell Will how I really feel about him. I'll never finish Dauntless initiation. And, I'll never be able to see my parents on Visiting Day. What will they do when they find out I'm dead?

I want to punch Eric in the gut for making me suffer like this.These thoughts make hot tears rush down my cold cheeks as I struggle to keep my breathing steady.

Now I know what it's like to be so close to the edge. To feel so close to losing everything you need and want.

Another wave hits me and my hands slip, leaving one of them dangling beside me.
"Come on, Christina." Al chants encouragingly. I look at him. He has a genuine expression, "Come on, grab it again. You can do it. Grab it."
His eyes hold mine, and I feel that if i let down the stare I will fall.

I swing my arm, trying to clasp the railing.
"One minute left," Tris says. I admire her. For a Stiff, she's pretty brave. And a good friend. I don't want to lose her.

My hands shake as Al and Tris chant, "Come on, Christina."

Another wave hits and I shriek. I feel like I slip, but somehow find the strength to pull up to the railing again.

"Five minutes are up," Al says. I take a shaky breath of relief. Eric checks his watch taking his time, not in a hurry, as I gasp for breath. Droplets of water sting my eyes and fall down my forhead.
"Fine," Eric spits. "You can up now, Christina."

Al walks toward me with outstretched arms, willing to help.
"No," Eric says. "She has to do it on her own."
I try to lift my leg up quietly, but fail in doing so.
"No, she doesn't," Al spits. "She did what you said. She's not a coward. She did what you said."
Eric doesn't reply but gives me a disgusted look.

Al reaches for me and grabs my forearm as he tries to pull me up. "I meant what I said, Christina. I didn't lie," he whispers in my ear. I nod with all my strength and have a little bit of happiness form. At least I don't feel like a coward very much anymore. I'm happy Al told me that anyway, though. he obviously felt my inserurity.

He struggles and Tris runs for support and grips me under my shoulder. They bring me over the barrier and I drop to the ground. My face still smeared with blood, and body wet and shaking.

Tris and Al kneel next to me. I'm happy to have them as friends. Supportive and strong backbones to rely on when your in trouble. Her eyes wander to mine, and mine wander to Al's. My hair is dripping with droplets of water that fall into my eyes. I flinch, then try to blink.

And together, we try to catch our breath.

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