Colleen Moore's fairy castle

The idea was thought of by my briliant sister. she stoped writting it so I picked it up and finished it for her, so here it is :) enjoy

Chapter 1

A peace of history

Let me give you a breif peace of history. Have you ever been the the Museum of science and industry(if not, i will give you more info)? If so then you must be firmiliar with the Colleen Moore fairy castle. If not, well you just heard about it. This story is based on this castle, but what makes it so magical is it is a doll house! Colleen was amazed by miniatures and small things, she did own many elaborate doll houses, but none fit the bill. her father convinced her to build a dream castle, only, doll sized! She was a wealthy and infamouse actress at the time and had all the resources to build the castle. this was no ordanary doll house, the preportions werent big but some rooms were big enough for her to fit(mind you she was a fully grown young woman at the time). this doll house has running water, electricity, a peace of the REAL cross from the pope, marble floors, real readable books, on and on the list goes. And it doesn't get the name fairy castle from no where! Every room was designed to look like a scene out of a book. these rooms were decorated to look like real rooms costing around $500,000! As you can see, this was no doll house!


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