Love with a Twist

AiSagara and I are writing an original story.

Comment and rate please!!!

On the side note, Pray for Rio!! Hope she gets better!!

Chapter 1


AiSagara Character
Name: Silver Mist
Age: 17
Personality: shy, quiet, and nice

Freak_of_the_Night's Character
Name: Roxanne Roxy Tyler
Age: 17
Personality: Troublemaker, outstanding, rude, kind of like a bully

I woke to my alarm and my mother screaming at me to turn it off. Ignoring her, I laid back and rested before getting up and getting dressed in one of my favorite outfits to annoy the teachers in.

After brushing my hair, I headed down to grab something to eat before walking to school.

"Roxanne, you need to turn off your alarm when you wake up. Otherwise, I'm throwing it out the window." I rolled my eyes and grabbed my bag.

"Whatever. I'm heading to school. Be back at 6!" I yelled before walking out the door to the sun shining and the birds singing.

Sorry it's short, couldn't really think of anything for the beginning. Hope you like it so far! Please comment! And don't forget to pray for Rio!!

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